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TORNADOS About 100 years ago, there was a lady named Mrs. Wood-Hoskins, She was famous scientist, she loved to discover new things. Her main interest was weather, she loved to watch it rain. Well one day she was sitting in her house, looking outside her windows watching it rain. She had been sitting there for about fifteen minutes, when she started to notice that the trees were bending like she had never seen before. As she watched, she realized that the winds were picking up speed and it was raining harder more and more every second. Then everything came to a complete stop. Then suddenly she saw this tube like cloud that was falling from the sky. It started to get bigger and bigger and the wind were speeding up again There was stuff flying everywhere, she decided that she had better take cover. When it was all over, she looked out the window and seen that everything had been destroyed.

Everything from her barn, to her neighbor's houses were gone. For the next couple of week she was cleaning up and trying to figure out what had happened. So finally she decided to go to a weather expert, his name was Dr. Bob Wills. He worked out of a lab in Western Michigan. She went there and explained to him what she had seen. He told her that what she saw was called a tornado. He said that changing in wind direction causes tornados and increasing in wind speed, when a low-pressure system meets a high-pressure system. He also told her what a tornado was, he described the tornado has a violently rotating column of air extending from within a thundercloud down to ground level. The strongest tornadoes may sweep houses from their foundations, destroy brick buildings, toss...