Torque lab.

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Purpose: To save a doll using torque.

Background info: Force:

Weight: mass x gravity

Gravity: 10


Distance: Speed x time

In this lab force will be applied as weight. Gravity pulls down matter to the center of the larger mass, which in this lab is the core of the earth. The amount of force created by weight is determined by how much an objects mass is. A heavy object will create more force than a light object. Distance is the length between two points. Distance has a major impact on the force in this lab. This is because if you put the heavier weight closer to the center while you put the lighter weight farther from the center, then the meterstick will still be balanced.

Materials: Stand, meterstick, two weights of different weights, 3 hooks, 1 doll,

Hypothesis: A1) The meterstick will balance in the middle because there will be equal weight on both sides, there will be equal force on both sides.

A2) The heavier weight should be closer to the middle and the lighter weight should be farther away from the middle because more force will be applied when the lighter weight will be put farther away.

B) The doll can be saved by placing a weight, lighter than the doll itself, far away from the pivot point and on the opposite side of the doll. I think this because; even if the doll isn't saved, it will not fall to the ground because the lighter weight will far away enough to have more torque than the doll.

Procedure: Phase A, Part 1

1) Get the materials.

2) Set up the stand.

3) Place the meterstick through the hook and slide it down to the middle.

4) Place the top of the hook onto...