The Torts of Law

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The Torts of Law

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May 28, 2009


The Torts of Law

After reading the article "No Duty Owed in wrongful Death" by Clausen, our team will gather information about torts and the different types such as Liability, Negligence and Intentional. An intentional tort, as the word says itself, refers to those acts that are cause of intentional wrongdoing. Liability torts refer to cases in which companies, organizations or individuals expose their products, services, etc as reliable. The fact that whatever services or products people might offer are supposedly reliable is like them offering a warranty for which they, most of the times, should be responsible. Negligence torts, in opposite to intentional torts refer to those law cases in which individuals, organizations, etc encounter themselves in difficult situations because of the lack of attention, careless and/or overlook of others.

Each one of the team members will make their own analysis, in detail will describe, and better explain how Negligence, Liability and Intentional torts can be found throughout the reading. As well as how the torts (civil cases) could be resolved by following and respecting laws and regulations that rule for every type of tort.

Under Liability Torts, one will be held liable for any injuries to a person even if they are not at fault. Most recently, the revision of tort law set limitations on the monetary amounts that can be awarded in medical claims. In an effort to curtail the awards for wrongful deaths the courts, set limits for damages. The award amounts had become so astronomical that the insurance premiums for physicians escalated so that it put many doctors out of business.

Under the strict liability rule, a person is liable without fault (1) there are certain...