Torture, & the Circumstances on weather or not to Continue doing it.

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Trinity Rhein

There are many options on torture. Some people think people should get tortured and others disagree with torture. Torture, to me, is a horrific procedure that no one should go through under any circumstances. At the same time if the situation is called for, then at that point it would be right to do so. So, basically there are excusable and inexcusable uses of torture.

There are inexcusable and wrong uses of torture. The first reason why there shouldn't be torture is because sometimes it's just not called for. In the Boston Globe, H.D.S. Greenway states his opinion against torture. In his article, he states that "Torture is not something that should be permitted under any circumstances. Period. Lets us not add the right not to be tortured to the list and rights of liberties we are giving up in the name of the war on terror."

I agree with his statement, there is no reason why there should be inexcusable torture. If we as a society are going to torture people, then, we have to do it the right way. Some people just take torture to far. For example Saddam Hussein tortured to the point where he cut people's fingers off, raped females, he killed parents in front of their children, and he kept prisoners in jail to suffer. In all these cases, he took his actions too far and tortured at an unacceptable level.

However, there are acceptable and necessary uses of torture. It has been proven to be a useful tactic to get information that is needed. In the Boston Globe, it talked about the "ticking bomb case." For instance, if there is a bomb that's ticking and someone knew about it and wouldn't say anything, then at that point it would be...