Total Quality Management

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An organization or business that focuses on top quality products for its customers would benefit most from using the business practice known as Total Quality Management or TQM. TQM is a method of business practices that involves both managers and employees working together to ensure customers are satisfied with the results of goods and services supplied. This paper will define what TQM is and how it compares to traditional management styles. In this essay will also be an explanation of how TQM could be used in the organization in which this author works.

What is Total Quality ManagementBurrill &Ledolter describe Total Quality Management as a business process that brings together the activities and work of all employees including management towards the same common goal. This goal is to bring about customer satisfaction by continually improving goods, services, and the processes that bring about a quality product (Burrill and Ledolter, 1999).

TQM also means making quality products at a lower cost.

Impact of Globalization on QualityGlobalization, meaning uniting and working with the world around us can impact businesses in several ways. The production of products and services a business provides may have to be changed when dealing with global entities. Areas such as language barriers, cultural issues, supply chains, and regulations are only a few issues that organizations must be aware of in aglobal economy. TQM is beginning to attract may corporate sectors in the world, in particularIndia because of more demanding customers and increased competition (Business Intelligence,2009)Compare and contrastWhen looking at traditional management styles, we see that this style is focused on the leader controls structure. This type of style does not allow for employees to think for themselves and believes that management is the smart one. By contrast TQM allows employees to have a voice and be creative which...