Total Quality Management Survey

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Total Quality Management Survey

Leah de Rosa

University of Phoenix

Total Quality Management Survey

"TQM (total quality management) focuses on improving customer satisfaction through better quality products and services." (Barclay & Mackey, 2000, slide 4) The premise of TQM is for businesses continuously to improve their processes, empower their employees, and understand their value chain processes. This paper will provide a thorough explanation of three different organizations from either the service, government, nonprofit, or manufacturing sectors, which describes the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction at these organizations. This paper will also include a summary of the organizations versus the components of TQM and finally assess the importance of leadership for each of the organizations selected.

Sunny Fresh Foods

Sunny Fresh Foods (SFF) manufactures within the egg further processing industry and is the producer of value-added eggs.

Their customers are primarily from the food service industry, such as schools, restaurants, institutional food services, and healthcare services. The company is a subsidiary of Cargill Foods and has been the Baldridge National Quality Programs (BNQP) Award recipients for two years, 1999 and 2005. Their products include over 160 egg, pre-cooked, frozen, and other refrigerated items, which they deliver through specialty deliverers, broadline distributors, or by direct delivery arrangements. The Core Ideology includes the purpose, values, and mission. The Core Purpose: to be the supplier for worldwide customers; Core Values: focus on customers, quality, safety, stakeholders, and ethics (BNQP, 2005). Mission:

Sunny Fresh Foods will be the preferred supplier of quality, value-added food products serving primarily the foodservice industry. We will be a best-cost producer and a leader in developing and implementing innovative products, processes, and services to meet the needs of an evolving global marketplace. (National...