Total Quality Management Survey

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Total Quality Management Survey

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Total Quality Management Survey

Total quality management applies directly to both small and large companies, private sectors and public sectors, service sectors and manufacturing sectors. In each of these sectors, the value in quality of customer relations differs. Each type of organization relies on satisfying the needs of the customers by providing the highest quality of service possible, keeping in mind what is good for the consumers and not just what is the most profitable for the organization. This paper will present three companies, one each industry, and how TQM relates.

The first company to explore is a manufacturing company, Hunter Manufacturing Company (HMC). During World War II, HMC gained its leadership in military heaters by supplying tent and truck heaters for U.S. troops. HMC is located in Solon Ohio is now the leading provider of new and innovative products for heating of personnel and cargo for both military and commercial applications (Huntermfgco, 2004).

Hunter requires their manufacturing plants to have a quality manual or inspection plan that describes the overall quality organization. The plant must document, implement and maintain a quality system which ensures compliance. The quality system can be patterned after or in accordance with ISO9001-2000. Procedures and records shall be available for examination by authorized Hunter Manufacturing representatives (Huntermfgco, 2004).

ISO 9001-2000 places more emphasis on up-front quality planning because an organization can have the most influence on product quality during the planning stage. "Having standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - and at an economical cost (ISO, 2008)." When products and services meet the customers' expectations, customers tend to take this...