Total Quality Management Survey Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to research three separate organizations representing three different economic sectors, and provide a description of the need for customer driven quality in each organization. Additionally, we are to construct a comparison matrix outlining the differences between the strategic roles of Total Quality Management (TQM) within each of these organizations and finally asses the importance of leadership within each of these organizations as it relates to quality.

Total Quality Management (TQM) Survey PaperThe organizations of focus represent the manufacturing sector, non-profit service sector, and the service sector. Each of these economic sectors has different values in quality of customer relations, as well as, strategies towards TQM based on their customer needs and their level of development within their sector.

ManufacturingThe first organization of focus which represents the manufacturing sector is MESA Products, Inc. MESA Products, Inc. is a small, privately held business that designs, manufactures, and installs catholic protection systems which control the corrosion of a metal surface.

Mesa Products is a small company with about 70 employees and its company headquarters is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with branch offices in Tallahassee, Florida, Houston, Texas and Huntington Beach, California.

MESA was established with a general philosophy of providing a quality product at a fair price. Quality has always been a priority at MESA. The company's consistent growth is a direct result of their dedication to customer satisfaction.

MESA Products, Inc. has demonstrated sustained sales growth from 1985 to 2006. Sales have increased from less than $2 million in 1985 to over $25 million in 2006. In a mature industry with limited new business, MESA has achieved this growth primarily through gains in market share from its competitorsMESA's current performance in all 17 areas of satisfaction on its third-party Customer Satisfaction Survey exceeds that of its...