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According to Simundic and Topic (2008), TQM is a viewpoint, which has been established and implemented from the practical viewpoints of Japan's management methods (p. 1). Even though this philosophy is now used in the U.S. manufacturing industries, the telecommunication industry has also adopted the same principles. Satisfying and ensuring the best services for customer is the main priority for many organizations. Total quality management (TQM) demonstrates to be one of the most successful processes for enhancing organizational performances. Businesses are now interested in foreign markets to find available regions where these organizations can sell or produce their products. Total quality management operates together with conventional management styles as well as quality oriented management styles. Businesses like Data Plus Communications, Inc. implement total quality management in specific departments of their services. This paper will describe the following: the definition of total quality management, the globalizational influence on total quality management, conventional management styles which will be evaluated and compared, finally the quality oriented management approaches will be identified.

TQM's DefinitionIn Achieving Quality Through Continual Improvement, both authors define TQM as "a [holistic] business management methodology that aligns the activities of all employees in an organization with the common focus of customer satisfaction [to be achieved] through continuous improvement in the quality of all activities [processes], goods and services" (Burrill and Ledolter, 1999). TQM provides organizations with comprehensible directions to aspire in creating success for manufacturing their products and services. Total Quality Management is a specific approach to the art of management in a company that aims to offer their clients with products and services that meet their needs. Implementing TQM means introducing the quality management system, defining the quality policy and procedures, which are essential quality assurance and quality control instruments. One of the critical elements of such systems is...