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The Total Quality Method I would like to write about this week is Six Sigma. In this paper I will attempt to persuade my organizations management to invest in Six Sigma and incorporate it into its strategic planning process. My job background is in Six Sigma and having the opportunity to sell this quality program is a very big part of the obligation I have to the company and my career field. When I started as a black belt I was part of a team with some issues. We concentrated the efforts of a master black belt and four black belts on identifying and solving the issues in our processes as we hypothesized that this would also show up failings in upstream processes. This concentration of effort was very successful achieving zero defects in our processes. We also found that the root cause of many of our defects came from the process that defined our products (which were often poorly defined and hurriedly put together) and this alone was instrumental in helping to sell our program.

However, in saying that, I would like to focus this paper on two items of Six Sigma Culture Evolution: Change Management and Shared Need.

Assuming that we are at the start of our Six Sigma initiative I have two immediate thoughts to start with.

Data talks; first get some output metrics (Ys) on the process. Collecting this will help to show the extent of the problem and then use it to get management attention. I suggest quantifying the process outputs and what it costs the company to continue in the same process. Make sure to show the variation and not just the mean, make the assumption that this will be non-normally distributed. From this make a simple cost-of-poor-quality calculation based on the company's investment...