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Total Security Concepts (TSC) will be developed using the strengths of the founders of the company with a total of $5000 in operating capital. The State of Illinois requires that all Security Guards be certified. Currently, there is only one company in Illinois that offers 20 hour training for unarmed security guards and 40 hour training for armed guards that result in obtaining a PERC (Professional Employment Regulation Card). There is no entity that assists potential candidates for security positions through the process of fingerprinting, completion of application form, obtaining passport photos and obtaining documentation regarding the Department of Motor Vehicle Records or Court Records when needed to respond to questions of the Security Application.

In addition, no company is known to exist that will assist those trained in the development of their résumé, interviewing skills and eventual placement.

The mission of TSC will be to "recruit, train and place individuals in security jobs".

The vision of the company is to be the premier security placement agency in the Chicago land area. Using this vision, fingerprinting, photos, the application process and training coupled with placement services of résumés, interviewing assistance, employer screening and drug testing will be coordinated using both internal and external sources.

In order to facilitate the development of Total Security Concepts (TSC), the founding members discussed their strengths. These strengths were then applied to the proposed business and each founding member was placed in charge of that particular part of the operation. The following table illustrates the founding member who will take charge of each area of the project.

Currently the only other independent 20 hour training sites are owned by the same company and are located in Blue Island, IL and in Skokie, IL. This company offers training and testing only Monday through Wednesday during the...