Are totalitarian governments fair?

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Throughout history, there are many examples of people turning to autocratic leaders to solve problems their countries have encountered. Citizens often give up their rights to these totalitarian governments and then find their human rights abused with a variety of controlling laws.

Totalitarian states have different goals. However, all totalitarian states share 3 of the same characteristics. They are to take total centralized state control over every aspect of political, public, and private life.

Totalitarian governments are not fair, just, political system. Some students at Orange High School participated in a game that the teacher called “the string game”. In this game, the teacher handed students strings to wear on their left arm and they could not talk to non-string people. They had a designated bathroom and lunch area. If students were seen out of the designated areas, they would loose three points. If they were seen without a red string, they would loose 35 points automatically.

The game had unfair laws. For example, some polices could arrest other string people for nothing. They would loose three points automatically. Many cops would toke this as an advantage. One student got arrested many times and lost about 146 points. Other students witnessed this but did not dare say anything fearing them too, would loose points.

In real life, Totalitarian states would kill many innocent victims for nothing if they were against leaders. By doing this they caused terrorism or fear to other people. This triggered them to fear leaders and not go against them. This was not fair to the people because not only did they have to be on the leader’s side forcefully, but they also had to be watched very closely politically, publicly, and privately. This is not fair because people should have total control over their own political,