Touch footbal: Participation Factors in High School.

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Introduction 1.0

1.1 Specific Introduction

The objective of this study was to utilize various research techniques to gain an understanding of the factors that affect participation in Cannon Hill Anglican College's TAS (The Associated Schools) sporting program. This will be achieved by a survey that will be handed out to a selection of year 11 students at CHAC (refer to Appendix 1, page 13 and 14). This information will help establish the major reasons for participation at the College. It will also aid the process of creating initiatives to help include Touch as a sport in the TAS sport program at CHAC. There will also be a series of research expeditions to gather the best information possible. The report will also suggest initiatives that could be implemented at CHAC to promote participation in Touch Football. In the analysis of Touch Football, there will be a comparative of the advantages and disadvantages of Touch Football and Tennis.

1.2 General Introduction

Touch Football is derived from two rugby codes, rugby league and rugby union. It is expected to be the largest multi-sex sport played in Australia, with one million people participating. Touch has grown rapidly in Australia after its developing period in the 1960's, and unlike other community sports, it has continued to grow steadily more popular over the years and has no signs of stopping. At this present time, there are 100,000 secondary students playing the sport, and 500,000 school children playing. (, 17/05/05).

As well as a large player base, there is also an increasingly large amount of supporters, with games attracting unprecedented crowds. It also has a substantial media following, ranging from radio to television.

Touch Football provides many opportunities for its participants and is a sport filled with possibilities. One of the very unique factors...