Touch Football; Processes and effects of training and Exercise; The Fitness Tests and Why Introduce Touch Football in schools

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About the Game

Touch football is a minimal contact game played by many people of different ages and genders. The aim of the game is to score a touchdown/try by moving the ball towards the opponent's score line. The attributes needed to play touch are versatility, speed, agility and ball handling skills such as passing and catching, good communication skills, and knowledge of the defence policy. The key factor in touch football is communication.

Touch football can be adapted to suit many needs. Touch can be played with a reduced or an increased number of players. It can be played on grass, sand, or even indoors. Touch football can also be played indoors.

Each team has a set of six touches before a changeover is issued. A touchdown is awarded when a player other then the dummy half places the ball on or over their attacking score line. A touchdown is worth one point.

The game consists of twenty minute halves and a five minute half time break. The team with the most number of touchdowns is the winner. There are three main skills in touch, the wrap, switch and slide defence. The wrap occurs when a player passes the ball to a team mate, and then runs behind and around that player into a position to accept the ball back.

The main idea of a wrap is to create an overlap whilst attacking. The switch pass involves a player angling across the field who then passes an inside ball to a player who has moved in towards and behind them. The switch is used to create a gap in the defensive line caused by the player running in the opposite direction of play. It can also be used when the winger has run out of room to move.