Touch Me - Xavier's Learning Experiences

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In the novel Touch Me, James Moloney demonstrates that Xavier learns many new things due to difficult experiences.

In the novel Touch Me, James Moloney shows in many instances that Xavier learns many important lessons from difficult experiences and situations. He learns who his true friends are after his experience at the formal when he thought his mates would stick by him. He learns how hard a relationship can be during his experiences with Nuala. And he learns that football isn't everything after realizing that there are more important things in life, and that he's not really in love with football after difficulties he has with friends.

Xavier's relationship with his mates was unquestioned until he started going out with Nuala. After that, he had to defend her, and Scott, Jacob and his other friends didn't understand how he felt about her. The main example of this is how they react to Nuala wearing tails to the formal, and Xavier thinks that at least his friends would stand by him.

But they, too, end up rejecting him and saying that Xavier shouldn't have brought Nuala. "You shouldn't have brought her. There were plenty of other girls who would have come." (p.151) Alex ends up showing that he's a true friend by asking Nuala to dance when nobody else would. This shows that good friends aren't always just the ones who share the same interests, but the ones who really care. Because of the way Nuala has been affected by the boys at her old school, things are made harder for Xavier.

After Nuala finds out about what everybody thinks of her before her fashion show at her old school, she is scarred. From then on, she wore baggy clothes; at first to stop people from looking at her,