A Tough Decision(by April Garren)

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It is your choice. Would you rather stay at home and save money, or would you rather get your own apartment and have to pay your own bills, there comes a point in life where you want your independence. We were all teenagers at one time. Our biggest dream of this point of time was to be eighteen years old. This meant adulthood.

Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibility. The biggest responsibility is paying your own bills. This means that you need to have a job. Having a job that pays the amount that you will need to make it on your own is something to be considered. Keeping your job is a must in order to afford your debts. Too many times as a teenager you may have had several employers, but this is not a good way to manage your money. It is best to keep a budget of your finances.

As a teenager, you are able to spend money on the things that you want, but as you become independent you sometimes can only afford the things that you need. You tend to get caught up in your desires and spend money foolishly. This foolish spending can get you into trouble as you are out on our own.

When you have made the choice of living independently you may have to make huge sacrifices. For instance, the amount of free time that you have may not be sufficient enough as now you are working several more hours a week to maintain, the type of vehicle that you own may not be the one of your choice, and your wardrobe may not be as desired.

Having these issues to deal with may cause stress. When you are dealing with stress it makes it harder to focus on...