The Toughest Decision

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Vincent Braun

English 101

Essay Six

2 April 2002

The Toughest Decision I Have Ever Made!

I was nineteen years old, married now only for seven months, had a new baby girl, was standing outside in the hall, waiting to talk to my company commander about my intentions to reenlist in the Army. I was nervous; it was not every day occurrence that you had to go report to the company commander, especially if you were below the rank of staff sergeant.

I had originally joined the Army for the college money. My initial enlistment was to be for three years. I had been in the Army for over two years. I was six months away from my term of service being complete; I was to be counseled by my company commander as to my intentions of renewing my contract with Uncle Sam.

I had many conflicting thoughts running around through my head.

I was so scared; I did not know what I wanted to do. I wanted nothing more than to get out of the Army. I had served my time, I could finally go to school and become somebody, and enjoy the better things in life. The other side of me was thinking that I now had a family to worry about. Where would I get a job, how would I feed them, and provide shelter for them if I got out?

I was told by my platoon sergeant to knock on the door and report to the commander. I knocked three times on the door as hard as I could, just as my squad leader had instructed me. "Come In." I walked up three paces from his desk and replied, "Specialist Braun, reports as directed!" and then rendered a hand salute to him. He returned...