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France is a beautiful country. It has lots to do like skiing, swimming, shopping, gambling, drinking, and dining. Here are the topics I will include in my report, government, history, culture, tourist attractions, language, entertainment, transportation, climate, currency, accommodations, and travel tips. Sit back have some wine because you are about to embark on a journey, A Journey to France!


France is a republic with a president and a premier. The president is Jacques Chirac and the premier is Alain Juppe. The legislature consists of the National Assembly and the Senate. The president appoints the premier. He also serves a 7-year term. Ages 18 and up can vote for the president and the legislature. The National Assembly consists of 577 deputies that are elected in their political division. They serve a five-year term. The senate has 319 members that are elected for a five-year term. France is divided into 22 regions, 96 metropolitan areas, 4 overseas departments, 4 overseas territories, and 2 collective territories.


In ancient times the Celts and Germanic tribes lived in France. When the romans invaded, they called France Gaul. Gaul was eventually annexed. In 400 A.D. the west roman empire's defense began to fall. After that France was an independent country. Hugh Carpet was crowned the first king of France in 987 A.D. In the 1700's the French Revolution started. The end of the French revolution marked the end of absolute power for the French kings. Napoleon seized power in 1799. He founded the first empire in 1804. He was exiled in 1814.


The 1993 estimate of the French population was 57,566,091. The average population density is 105.8 people per square kilometer. The population distribution is 76% for urban areas and 26% for rural areas. Studies show that the majority prefer houses...