Tourette Syndroms . Its about the affects, treatment and diffrent types

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Tourette Syndrome

It's the very first day of new classes, you're all nervous about your future, sitting next to you are people you don't know and probably never will. Class begins. All is silent within the classroom. Then, from out of nowhere, from out of the blue comes a yelp so piercing it makes your stomach churn faster, as if it hadn't been churning fast enough out of apprehension of the class.

You're disturbed that someone made that noise- that they are doing it to make you more nervous than you already are, right? That dog is out to bite you, right? He wants to tear you apart for his own enjoyment, right? "Why did that jerk make that noise?" You ask yourself. What's his problem? What right has he to be in this class? He barks again, and again. Almost everyone in your class is beginning to feel the same feeling right now.

Maybe you should complain to the professor. Remove him from the class.

At that moment you realize that that the reason you don't make that noise is because you don't want to call attention to yourself. However, do you honestly believe this student wants to either? You probably don't, but you raise your hand anyway, with the idea of justice running throughout your head. You stand raise your hand and call out: "would you please remove the student from this room, he is disturbing the class. Your fellow barking student, however furious, keeps his pride, and when he announces before your entire class that he is suffering from Tourette's Syndrome your class suddenly becomes silent, and you, so shocked, so disturbed, now pride-ridden, quietly take your seat, as your fellow students now place the spotlight on you- the naïve one. Now you understand what this boy...