Tourism in Cameroon, Greece and China. Why do so few people travel to Cameroon?

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Cameroon , a piece of land stretched over 375,000 square kilometers , is located in central Africa .It is inhabited by a population of about 15,000,000 who make up about 200 ethnic groups and speak about the same number of languages regrouped into 24 major ones . But, thanks to the official languages which are English and French, they come to an understanding of each other. Due to its median location and its people issuing from a variety of backgrounds, this country has a lot to offer in the field of tourism, in terms of culture, landscape or nature.

A little introduction or overview of this country will give us an idea of what it is like.

The large expanse of savannah which covers the North of the country is home to the biggest national parks and reserves. The country can boast of possessing 9 major parks and reserves, 6 of which are found up north .One

of these, the Waza Park, is actually the biggest and most preserved park of West and Central French Africa. In this park , visitors can enjoy observing wildlife like that of Elephants , lions , and Giraffes .Other natural sites one can admire in the North are for example the big lake Lagdo which is home to animals like crocodiles and hippopotamuses , and the sumptuous peaks , some volcanic , like those of the region of Kapsiki .This part of the country which is hanging at 850 m in altitude also offers beautiful sceneries at night , with its famous starry clear nights .In addition , one has the possibility of visiting old caves that are like sprinkled everywhere in the dry North . The culture of the area is also of great interest. Already without talking to anyone the architecture...