Tourism Industry

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Tourism Industry


If we analyzed then we come to know that the region include Hong Kong island, ceded by China in 1842 below the Treaty of Nanjing; Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860 under the Beijing Convention; and the latest Territories, a mountainous mainland area adjoining Kowloon, which, with profound Bay on the west and Mirs Bay on the east and a quantity of 235 offshore islands, was leased from China in 1898 for 99 years. China regained dominion of the colony on July 1, 1997. The capital, officially named Victoria but usually called Hong Kong, is on the northwest shore of Hong Kong island (R. Hughes, 2001).

Land, People, and Government

According to the expert analysis great Victoria lies at the bottom of Victoria Peak (1,805 ft/550 m), the center of an at length quarried granite variety covering much of the island. Hong Kong has lots of usual harbors, that of Victoria (c.17

sq mi/44 sq km) being one of the premium in the humankind. The colony grew approximately this stunning, sheltered, deepwater port, and today an predictable 75% of the population are intense there (J. Pope-Hennesy, 2000).

Even though concerning 98% of the people are ethnic Chinese, Hong Kong has considerable British and American communities. Cantonese and English are at length spoken. About 90% of the population practice customary Chinese religions and a number of 10% are Christian. The Univ. of Hong Kong is a coeducational institution under government control, organized on the model of British universities. Chinese Univ. was recognized in 1963 with the merger of three obtainable colleges (G. B. Endicott, 2004).

Hong Kong is governed under the Basic Law as accepted in 1990 by the National People's Congress of China. The leader of state is the president of China. There is a chief...