Tourism in the Lake District

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Over 10 million people a year visit the Lake District for the stunning scenery and spectacular landscapes. It offers incredible views; beautiful walks through woodland and of course the lakes - the heart of the area. People visit the Lake District for many reasons some being: they own accommodation and have some friends/family that do; they enjoyed a previous visit, to get away from the city, visit friends and family or they just want some peace and quiet. There are many things you can do in the Lake District - rock climbing, walks, horse riding and many, many more. The area is a very quiet area, perfect for tourists who want a break from their urban lifestyle. Tourism is an advantage and a disadvantage for residents in many ways. The main points I will write about are: Tourism makes money, it makes jobs and then tourism ruins the rural image and how tourism affects residents and the nature around.

In this essay I will come to a decision about whether or not tourism should be banned from this area.

Firstly, tourism is an advantage for the residents of the Lake District. Tourists bring in lots of money every year. In 2009 £925,700,000 was spent by visitors on souvenirs and more. Also tourists go to shops, hotels, attractions, tours; they use public transport and pay to go to museum's which all means jobs. People have to work in shops etc. Tourism brings in money and jobs which is a huge advantage for the Lake District. Tourists are also a plus point for farmers. People buy meat from their farms or some farms let people pay to see the animals for small charges. Sheep farming is a big part of how the Lake District makes money. The lake district does...