Tourism in Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee and interesting facts.

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The amount of culture that exists in the southern states is absolutely astounding. Just in Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana there is such a multitude of activities and sites to see as a tourist. In Florida, everyone knows about Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Both are wonderful places for an entire family to enjoy, while also experiencing the great heartland of Florida: Orlando. Just like any large city, there is too much to do to fit into one vacation! For tourists who love to shop and buy souvenirs for loved ones, there is a colossal mall called the Mall at Millennia. For those who want to escape city life, though, there is always Daytona Beach or the Florida Keys. Both beaches are beautiful, clean, and magnificent getaways for the whole family to relax in. In Tennessee, there are many historical sites to see. For the music buffs, there is, of course, Music City, or Nashville.

People can visit the original Grand Ole Opry radio station, or go to the new station and theater and watch a show. There is plenty to do in the big city. Just about ten miles south of Nashville, there are many Civil War sites. There is Carnton Plantation, which has such a rich history, there was a book written about it. There is also Belle Meade Plantation, home to world-famous racehorse Iroquois. For the more adventurous tourist, the Smoky Mountains lie east of Nashville. Anyone can go through the mountains and thoroughly enjoy themselves with the vast quantity of high-altitude activities that any mountain range offers. Louisiana, obviously, is a very lively state with so much to see. Just by going to New Orleans, a tourist can find hundreds of attractions. There is New Orleans Square, which is the center of the jazz and...