Tourism in Singapore

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Even in today's globalised world, any mention of "Singapore" to a passer-by overseas will most likely earn one a bewildered look. Owing to its small land area, this democracy might not rank amongst the most recognised countries in the world, nor does it enjoy constant media and political coverage, unlike some of its larger and more prominent neighbours. While political events in this country may not have a significant impact on the international scale, Singapore does not fall short when it comes to offering foreign travelers a slew of places of interests to visit. The Singapore Tourism Board's (STB) innovative publicity campaigns have drawn praises from the international community, and at the same time, put Singapore under the international spotlight. In the past year alone, a total of 9.05 million tourists visited Singapore, making tourism one of its largest industries. The country's minute size belies its illustrious past; it is a myriad diversity of the many cultures in the world, and overflows with a fascinating wealth of spiritual beliefs.

Aside from the proposed Integrated Resorts that will, for the first time in history, legalise the construction of casinos in Singapore, this country has a plethora of attractions that will doubtless appeal to sightseers worldwide.

Singapore's new destination brand is "Uniquely Singapore"- unique is the word that best captures this modern nation, a dynamic city rich in contrast and color which allows one to find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. Cuisine has long been vigorously promoted as an attraction for tourists, and is usually advertised by various initiatives undertaken by the STB as one of Singapore's best attractions alongside shopping. In a country tagged as "A Gastronome's Paradise", there is no scarcity of delicious cuisines to tantalize the palates of many. The country offers a fascinating blend...