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Thailand formerly Siam, officially Kingdom of Thailand, is a country with a population of roughly 60 million people and a land size of 513,115 square-kilometers.

Thailand sits at the very heart of South East Asia and is considered a natural gateway to Indochina. Shaped somewhat like an elephant's head, the country is bordered at its most northern extremes by Laos and Myanmar. The border with Laos runs down the elephant's ear, along the north east of the country, until it meets with the Cambodian border, which runs down the east of the country, before reaching the Gulf of Thailand which caresses the elephant's jowls. To the west, Myanmar dominates the elephant's forehead and trunk before giving way to the Andaman Sea, along Thailand's south western seaboard. The Gulf of Thailand borders the back of the trunk, and at the trunk's very tip, Thailand shares a border with Malaysia.

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Thailand's tropical climate keeps things quite warm throughout the year, especially in the South. There helps water activities so popular in the country. The North and Central regions (including Bangkok) have three seasons: hot (March to May), wet (June to September) and cool (October to February). The North is rather humid year-round. Average high temperatures for Bangkok range from 87━ F (30━ C) in December to 94━ F (34━ C) in April; average lows range from 70━ F (21━ C) in December to 80━ F (26━ C) April through June.

Language in Thailand

Thai is the official language, a tonal language with its own script. Thai, like Chinese and Vietnamese, is a tonal language meaning that the same word can have a completely different meaning depending on it is pronounced. There are 5 tones: Mid tone, high tone, low...