The Tower

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Published in January 2001 by POCKET BOOKS and written by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz. Hurwitz, a graduate of Harvard University and receiving a masters from Oxford University, now lives in Los Angeles, California. This is his first book.

The Tower is a mind compelling book that keeps you roped in the entire time you are reading it. Allander Atlasia plays the part a boy abducted, tied up, raped and left in his own excrement grows up to be one of the countries most feared serial killers, whose outrageous and heinous crimes have gotten him a lifetime stay at the tower. The Tower, nicknamed Alctraz ll, being the worlds most extreme maximum-security prison. The tower was located 50 miles offshore of a peninsula by San Francisco that jutted into the Pacific. It was only about 18 feet in diameter, and housed 12 levels of prison sells, two cells being on each floor.

Only the top 2 levels were above water at high tide. Access to the tower could only be obtained by way of boat. On night allander manages to grab the keys from on of the guards while hi is going down the elevator shaft. He manages to get out of his cell, and up the shaft where he opens the vents in the top of the tower witch flood it and kill everyone inside it. He hops aboard a small watercraft and starts speeding towards land. This was his brilliant and brutal escape.

Once he reaches land he starts going on a killing spree. He wipes out a man and his wife, and tortures their 2 children, eventually killing them. This was just the first of his attacks after escaping out of the tower.

Around this time Jade Marlow is called in. Marlow is an ex -FBI profiler and...