The Tower Of London

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The Tower of London Many famous people were held in the deep,dark cells of the Tower. The young Edward V and his brother the duke of York were put in the tower when their Uncle Richard III became king in 1483. The boys now known as the princes were never heard from again. Not everyone taken to the tower were imprisoned, some were taken there to be beheaded,these included Anne Boleyn,Sir Walter Raleigh, and Henry VI.

The first person to be held in the Tower was the cubby and selfish Rammulf Flambard the unpopular Bishop of Durham. He was not executed in the Tower because he was able to escape one nigh he "pushed his bulk through the window and slide down a rope to freedom. The next person to discuss in Henry VI was put in the tower in 1465. He was put to death with lots of secrecy.

After he was put to death his family and the people of London were informed that when he heard the news of the death of his son and the capture of his wife he had taken great despleasure in hearing the news, and dies from sadness.

This statement did not seem to fool anyone, but no one said anything.

The first person to be beheaded in the tower was Anne Boleyn. She was placed int in the tower exactly three years after entering the tower for her wedding. She was awaiting her trial, her acused crime was adultery with five men and incest with her brother. Many belive the real reason she was there was her miscarriage in January of 1536, and her inability to have a male child. She was also accused of being a witch, this was never proven to be true. Her trial was held on May 15,1536 twenty-six men decleared her guilty of the crimes she was on trial for. Now it was up to the king to decide her fate whether she would be burned or beheades. It was decided she would be beheaded. Anne had requested to be beheaded around noon on May 17,but is was approximatley eight in the morning of May 19, proably the four month anniversary of her misscarriage that the execution took place. She was placed on a newly constructed platform not more than four to five steps in the Tower Green. Anne walked through the courtyard towards the place her execution would take place, she had four ladies walk with her. After requestin prayers to be recited for her soul, she got on her knees, and was blindfolded by one of the ladies who had walked with her through the courtyard. She the proceeded to repeat "to Jesus Christ I commend my soule; Lord Jesus receive my soul. Then the hangman proceeded to chop off her head, after her head feel to the ground, the onlookers noticed her eyes and mouth were stil moving.

Many famous and royal people have been held capitive in the Tower during the centuries.

They were still discovering bones buried in the Tower. In 1674 the remains of two young boys were found, they are suspected to be the bones of the Princes. In todays century people are no longer held captive in the Tower, it is a tourist attraction in London and home to the crown jewels. It is rumored on a dark night one can hear and see the spirits of the previous people who were murdered in the Tower.