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TOWS ANALYSIS BINGO OPERATORS TRY TO WEIGH UP THE NUMBERS GAME TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K 2 Background¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K 2 Facts: LoNG PEST for bingo operator¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. 3 Porter¡¦s five forces¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. 4 Stakeholder analysis¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K... 5 TOWS analysis for the bingo operator¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K...7 Key success factors¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K 9 Competitive advantage¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K... 10 Conclusion and recommendations ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K 10 Introduction This report is based on the analysis of the data and the identification of the key environmental forces of work in the bingo industry. The report is mainly focused on the causes and effects of the environmental constraints that affect the objectives and behaviors of the industry.

Background This report is completed by the threats and opportunities that arise from the external environment of the bingo industry. This is followed by an assessment of the internal weaknesses and strengths, which the bingo operators possess. The outline of the report will evaluate the industry¡¦s key success factors and their competitive advantages over its competitors.

Facts Using the information from the case study, perform a TOWS analysis for bingo operator.

The identification of external influence on an organization is aided by the use of LoNG PEST analysis, competition analysis and stakeholders¡¦ analysis. Once the external influences on an organization have been identified, they can then be judged to be either a threat. or opportunity. The internal environment of an organization is considered in a similar manner by examining strengths and weaknesses are assessed. Therefore in order to perform a TOWS analysis we will first need to perform the following analysis: Perform a LoNG PEST analysis of the external environment of the bingo operator Political Economic Sociocultural Technological Local Local associations Suppliers by sponsoring Local areas providing space and time for more social activities. Organizations and the application of technology such as electronics bingos and products, which would attract young...