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Zenaida Vasquez

Prof. Kortizke

Psych 41 Sec. 1048

September 17, 2014

Lego Toy

Play is very important to a child's development because it is how they can see and explore their world. Through it, they can develop the skills that they need when they grow up. Also, with adequate play, the cardiovascular fitness is developed as well as the sense of morality (Goldstein, 2003).

Lego is one of the most popular toys in the world. Some adults do not outgrow this toy mainly because it is very amusing that makes them collect the limited variants. Although the physical development of the child is minimal. Addressed by this toy it still has considerable contributions because their eyes, arms and hands are the main tools used in playing; their fine motor skills become developed. They also learn to stand up, climb and gain balance because they cannot be still when reaching for Lego pieces.

The socio-emotional development of a child is also developed when they play Lego because the toy allows them to become socially active in a way that they start to communicate with other children. When they need assistance afterwards, when the figure they are trying to make is finished, they feel happy, and a sense of achievement becomes present. This in turn develops friendship because they may look forward playing with the same children because they felt happy doing the activity with them.

The cognitive development of a child is the most addressed developmental stage by this toy. Playing blocks is beyond playing per se because the problem-solving and cause-effect relationship capacity of a child is observed to increase in this activity (Akgun, 2014). The reason is that, for a child to be able to build something from nothing entails utilization of common...