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Part The First: Jessie Is Gone It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Outside of Andy's room window the morning sun was shining, the birds were singing. Andy got up and played with his toys quickly before he got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. He left his toys in his room, and as we all know, as soon as Andy was out of range the toys came to life.

"Good morning everyone!" Woody said as he got up from his frozen position on the floor.

All the toys said good morning back, Buzz didn't have time for pleasantries he was quickly out of the door and into Molly's room to go get Jessie. Woody just moseyed around the room just saying, "Howdy," to everyone. All of a sudden he was grabbed around the neck and pulled away. He stood nose to nose with Bo Peep, the figure from Molly's lamp stand.

"Good morning Sheriff," she said batting her blue eyes.

Woody was choking on his words as he blushed and spoke, "Good morning Bo, hi." "Where were you last night? I thought you and me were going to go out," she said pouty.

"Well," Woody continued, "I couldn't because Andy was up half the night. I think he's gotten to the age where he's afraid of what's in the closet now." Woody couldn't leave the room for any reason with Andy being awake.

"I guess, but you better try harder tonight. It's been quite a long time since you and I went out together, alone," she said alluring.

"I....I...I'm sure he'll be just fine...tonight." Woody said with some difficulty. He was shy around her even though they had known each other for a long time. "I mean come on Monsters in the closet? He'll get over it." ~ The crack in the closet closed, "Sully, Do you think they know anything?" A small, round, green monster with one eye asked.

"Mike I'm sure they don't suspect a thing," The big, blue haired monster named Sully told him. The closet door shut and there was no more talk from it.

~ Buzz opened the door to Molly's room he looked around but didn't find Jessie anywhere. Usually she was watching TV or something when he came into the room. But this time she was nowhere to be seen. "Jessie?" Buzz called as he came more into the room. All of a sudden he heard.

"Yee-Haw!" as Jessie jumped right on top of him. She knocked Buzz right to the floor with the THUD. "Hi ya Buzz!" She said as she just sat on top of him and smiled.

"Hey Jessie, boy you scared the living asteroids out of me," Buzz was breathing hard after having the wind knocked out of him, and Jessie sitting on his chest. "Could you let me up please?" Jessie got off of Buzz and lent him and hand to pull him to his feet, "Sorry about that Buzz, but I've been bored!" Jessie said.

Buzz dusted himself off, "Ready to go to Andy's room?" Buzz asked.

"Way ahead of ya!" Jessie grabbed Buzz's hand and ran into Andy's room with Buzz trailing behind like a kite. Jessie came in and let Buzz come back to his senses. "Howdy y'all!" Jessie greeted everyone.

"Hey Jessie!" Woody waved and so did everyone else.

In the middle of everyone's hellos and what not there was the sound of a truck pulling into the house next door.

"That must be our new neighbours," Woody said happy to meet the new toys who were moving in next door with the kids, "Lets go see who they are." All the toys agree and climb up onto the desk and crowded around the window impatient to see whom their new next-door neighbours were.

"Maybe we'll meet some new toy friends, and Andy will have a new friend too!" Jessie exclaimed as Buzz helped her up onto the top of the desk.

They are all happy until they see the new kid coming out of the car. They all gasped in horror at whom they saw. Every toys nightmare, Sid Phillips! The toys panic and go into a mad frenzy. Rex the big Tyrannosaurus runs like a scared puppy for cover under the bed. Slinky slinks away. They all had tried hard to forget the horrors they witnessed outside of Andy's bedroom window, but now those visions of dismemberment, decapitation, and explosion flooded back into their minds.

"We're all doomed!!" a toy shouted.

Jessie didn't hear about Sid before and the unspeakable horrors he had done to toys. She didn't hear the story about how Buzz and Woody were trapped in his room for a day. No one ever spoke of Sid after they had moved away, so Jessie never learned of Sid. "What are you all talking about? Why are you guys so freaked out over this kid for?" Jessie questioned them all as they ran for cover.

"He tortures toys! Just for fun!" Rex said from under the bed.

"Blows them sky high!" says Hamm.

"Mix and matches their parts in weird ways," says Potato head.

Jessie starts to worry right along with them. She never heard of such things. Kids are torturing toys? "He even ripped Buzz's arm off," Hamm added in. "He even tried to blow up Woody and Buzz!" Jessie couldn't handle it. The thought of Buzz and Woody Buzz saw that Jessie was getting sick to her stomach just hearing about it. He looked at all the toys, 'Thanks guys, you really helped a lot." Buzz said sarcastically. They toys became silent they then realized that they gave Jessie a panic attack.

"Now Jessie, there is nothing to worry about," Woody said calmly.

"That's right, when we were taken hostage over there Woody had a brilliant plan to change Sid's, evil ways," Buzz added. 'We scared Sid so good he never even thought about even looking at toys the wrong way again." "Really?" Jessie asked.

"Really," Buzz said with an assuring smile.

Jessie felt a little better. She stopped panicking. She smiled, falsely.

~ On the truck, in a box, two eyes were peering out, watching the toys up in Andy's room on the windowsill. They were evil and seemed to be watching with intent and revenge. They seemed to be especially focused on the, "Upstart space toy." Mr. Phillips came to pick up the box and the eyes vanished into the darkness of the box.

~ Before long Andy was done with breakfast and ran up the stairs. He got on his shoes and grabbed Buzz, "I got the almighty hero, now all I need is a damsel in distress." He looked around the room and saw Jessie, "Perfect! Come on Buzz! You need to rescue Princess Jessie from the nasty Sand people of Zeta Beta 2!" Andy ran down stairs and out of the back door to play in the sand box.

"Oh no! This will not be good for my circuitry," Buzz thought as he was rushed down stairs.

Andy played with his toys all day in the sand box, and was careful not to get Buzz's joints and circuits full of sand. As Andy played Sid's mutant toys watched him. They watched through a gap in the fence, just big enough for a toy to go through. Jessie was having fun being paid attention to and being rescued by her hero Buzz Lightyear. But she glanced at the gap in the fence once and caught sight of a mutant toy peeking at them, just before it quickly disappeared on the other side of the fence. Jessie became worried.

"Andy! Time for lunch!" Mrs. Davis called out the door to him.

"Alright! Lunch time!" Andy dropped his toys and ran inside to eat lunch.

As soon as Andy was gone he quickly got up off the sand before it lodged itself in his gears. "The sand box is the most dangerous place a toy can be." He said as he dusted the sand from his pants.

"That's not the only dangerous place," Jessie added, "That kid Sid's yard is more so." "Now Jessie I told you, Sid is changed. There's absolutely nothing to fear," Buzz said holding onto her shoulders.

"I know what you said, but I don't trust him still. I saw some strange toys peaking out from the gap in the fence," Jessie said pointing at the gap, "They looked, I don't know, evil." She started tugging at her braid like she always did when she was upset about something.

"Don't worry, the toys there are our friends. It's the dog Scud that we have to worry about," Buzz said.

"Great! If we don't get ripped to shreds we'll be eaten!" that didn't help much. "Buzz let's go back in the house. I don't want to be out here." "Jessie, it's OK. Nothing is going to happen to you. We've got to stay out here or Andy will get suspicious," Buzz tried to get her to change her mind, but it was no use. Jessie wanted inside.

"No Buzz, I can't make it that long, I want in right now!" She was starting to freak out. "Please buzz," she looked at him with pleading scared eyes.

Buzz couldn't say no, why bother getting her even more freaked out."Alright, but we can't go through the main back door, Andy will find out." Buzz started looking for a way inside, "Keep a look out for any possible entrance way." Jessie grinned, "Thanks Buzz," and she immediately started to look for a way inside.

~ "So it's that upstart space toy, Buzz Lightweight," a mutant toy said as it crept into Andy's yard on its erector set spider legs. Jessie looked at Buzz with a deep smile. "That traitor! After all those years in storage, hating the space toys, she now has let herself be tamed by one. She too will be part of my revenge!" the toy snapped its lobster claw hand and crept off.

Jessie was just feeling comfortable about being out there, "Maybe I am over acting." she thought, "Buzz wouldn't lie to me." She thought. She was just about to tell Buzz to forget about it when she was grabbed from behind. It was Stinky Pete!! Only now Sid rebuilt him as a mutant toy. Sid had taken Baby Face and Pete and stuck them together. He had the spidery metal legs, and one big claw arm. His face was drawn of with rainbows and flowers.

"Buzz!!" Jessie cried out for help, she used to be able to beat up any toy who crossed her path, but Prospectors new improved arms could not be broken.

Buzz swung around to face the monster prospector, "Jessie!" Buzz cried as he ran to the rescue, but the rest of the mutant toys who swarmed him stopped him short.

"Stay back Lightbeer! That is if you ever want to see Jessie again," Pete teased.

"Let her go Prospector!" Buzz demanded.

"No! This time you listen to me space toy! You ruined my life! I had a chance at the toy museum, and you ruined it! And now look at me!! LOOK AT ME!! I'm a monster! A twisted piece of junk! My value is zero! I am nothing anymore! You destroyed me!!!" Prospector went on.

"No Prospector! Buzz didn't do this! You did it to yourself! Andy's the best owner I had! He loves us and plays with us!" Jessie spat at him in anger as she struggled and kicked.

"You are a traitor!! You are just as bad as he is! And you will face my fate in Sid's room!!" Prospector started to drag her off.

"No!" Buzz started to drag the mutants behind him as he fought his way closer to the Prospector.

"Stay back space man!! If you ever want to see her alive again, you will wait until morning and then surrender yourself in a trade!" Pete said as he and the mutants took Jessie to Sid's house.

"Buzzzz!!!!!!" was the last Buzz heard from her. "Jessie, no," Buzz dropped to his knees.

Part The Second: Out the Window Andy got done eating his lunch and ran outside to finish playing with his toys. He picked up Buzz off of the grass and proceeded in looking for Jessie. Andy looked all over for the cowgirl but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Mom, have you seen Jessie?" Andy asked his Mom as he overturned a bucket thinking he maybe left her there.

"Sorry hun, I haven't seen her since you took her and Buzz outside. Maybe you brought them in when you came in from lunch?" his Mom suggested.

Andy didn't think he took her inside with him, but she wasn't outside so maybe Mrs. Davis was right. Andy took Buzz and went inside to look for Jessie. Before long Andy gave up and sat on the couch to watch TV, he set Buzz down next to him and they both stared blankly at the TV.

~ The Prospector and the rest of the mutants bring Jessie back to Sid's room of horrors. As soon as they were inside Hand in the Box locked the door. Jessie ripped her arms free of the mutants that were holding her captive.

"Let me go, you low-down dirty varmints!" Jessie yelled at them. She looked around at all the creepy things in Sid's room, the toy heads in the lava lamps, the rusty sharp tools on his makeshift desk. It turned her stomach. "What happened? Buzz told me that him and Woody got Sid to change?" Jessie wanted to know.

"Well that space cadet lied to you," Prospector said trying to fill her head with bad thoughts about Buzz.

"He never lies! Why would all of Andy's room lie!" Jessie snapped at him.

"Face it, you can't trust him. He should have known about the years of expensive therapy that Sid went through. Cured all his fears up, Buzz's little plan was only to buy him some time. He lied to you and he lied to everyone. You should have never trusted a space toy, they are all out to ruin us all." Prospector filled her head with more lies.

Jessie just looked down at the floor; she didn't say anything, "Prospector? How did you get here? I thought you were shoved in the back-pack of some kid named Amy?" Jessie asked changing the subject; she didn't want to think about all her friends lying to her.

"Well, Amy was a horrid child. She painted me up like a tapestry," he pointed to all the rainbows, flowers, and other drawings on him. "She was a friend of Sid's little sister, Hanna. One day she was playing at their old house and Sid got a hold of me," Prospector went on to tell her how he was ripped apart and put back together, Jessie cringed. "I then learned the story of a cowboy and a space man who promised their plan would help them all, but lied. I see the same fate for you too," Prospector teased meanly.

Jessie looked up with a determined face, "No I won't" "And what makes you so sure of that? Sid won't let any toy that wanders into this house leave as it came in," Prospector sneered.

"The toys will come for me," Jessie said.

Prospector laughed, "Don't humour me. They lied to you, just to trick you. Why would they want you?" "That's not true! And they will come, and I will wait for them here!" Jessie sat down Indian style and crossed her arms over her chest and stared at Prospector evilly, "Stinky Pete." Prospector and the mutant crept away laughing hysterically. Jessie just sat right where she was; she curled up and rested her head on her knees.

"Is Prospector right? Was Buzz just lying to me? Maybe they don't really care, it's been hours and still no rescue attempt," she thought. The Prospector was almost getting to her. "No I don't buy that, Woody and Buzz aren't like that! They'll come"¦ Please hurry guys." ~ In Andy's room all the toys heard Andy talk about Jessie being missing. They gasped, could Jessie have run away? Had something terrible happened to her? It was time for Andy to go to dinner, they were going to Pizza Planet, and Mrs. Davis thought that maybe a trip to Andy's favourite restaurant would cheer him up. So that's where they went. It wasn't long after the van pulled out of the driveway and rounded the corner that a very sad and depressed Buzz walked into Andy's room. Immediately the toys swarmed him filled with concern.

"Buzz, where's Jessie?" Buzz wanted to know.

"Gone," was all Buzz said as he walked right past them without even looking up at their faces.

Bo Peep looked at Woody, looking for answers to what Buzz meant. Woody just shrugged. Bo used her crook to push Woody towards Buzz to get some answers, "Go on." Woody stepped up to Buzz, "What do you mean gone? She didn't come out from where Andy left her?" Woody put a hand over his mouth.

Buzz turned around to face the toy sheriff, "No Woody, she didn't run away, she wouldn't do that." Buzz sighed, "Prospector got her." "Stinky Pete?" Woody was puzzled, "But I thought we got rid of him?" "Yeah well Sid got a hold of him," Buzz said shaking his head, "And it looks that Sid is over being afraid of toys." "How do you know? Did you actually see Sid?" Woody thought that they had done a good job scaring him.

"Prospector, he was combined with the ex-leader, Baby Face. He is a twisted monster now," Buzz said, "Why didn't I see this coming?" He started to walk away again.

"Well let's go after him! We've got to get Jessie back," Woody said.

"No Woody we can't," Buzz said.

"And why not?" Woody didn't think his friend was thinking clearly. Clearly if it was the other way around he would save Bo right away, no hesitation.

"Because he said if I attempted a rescue we would never see Jessie alive again. Instead, I have to trade myself for her tomorrow morning." Buzz told him.

"So instead your going to let the possibility of her becoming a mutant happen!?" Woody argued, "And you're going to sacrifice yourself?!" Woody didn't believe what he was hearing.

Buzz didn't care that he was giving himself the death penalty here; he just cared about Jessie's safety, "Listen I don't need you to tell me what to do! You don't know the situation, we can't jump in and endanger her life!" "A quick action is what's needed here!!" Woody and Buzz argued back and fourth about what action was to be taken here.

Then the voice of reason in the playroom spoke up, "Your right, we've got to do something. But rushing in and putting Jessie's live in danger isn't an option," Bo Peep looked at Woody, "And neither is surrendering," she looked at Buzz. "You guys are smart, why don't you just put both plans together," she suggested to them.

Buzz and Woody thought, they looked at each other and smiled. They had their idea, and tomorrow they were going to put their plan into action.

~ Jessie was in Sid's room, the sounds and the cold spots where starting to get to her. Things crept in the darkness, sounds of monsters or other creatures lurking in the shadows made her jump, it was freezing cold in the room and every so often there would be an eerie breeze. Being locked in a house that didn't make sense but it was there. She shivered missing the warm heat of the blankets Jessie had enough, she wanted out and she wanted out NOW! She looked around and saw nobody looking. She spotted a large spring. That gave her an idea, she took a running start and jumped on top of the spring, it sent her flying to the doorknob. She quickly tried to unlatch it.

The Prospector heard the sound of someone trying to undo the doorknob, he looked and saw Jessie, and he couldn't let her escape. "Get her!!" Prospector ordered and the mutant toys were fast on their way.

"You're not keeping me here any longer! I will make it back to Andy's house if it's the last thing I ever do!" she yelled as she finally got the door unlocked. She twisted the knob and opened the door. She stood in the doorway and began to mock the others. Suddenly the sound of barking could be heard coming up the stairs. It was Scud, Sid's evil dog. He saw Jessie and snarled, he barked and started to run up the stairs. Jessie decided to get back in the room. But the Prospector had a better idea.

"For trying to escape you will suffer the penalty! Lock the door!!" Prospector ordered and the mutants began to push the door shut as Scud came closer.

Jessie fought against them for a while, but there were too many of them, the closed to door on her. Scud was right in her face, she could feel his hot, slimy breath. Jessie made a run for it. She ran through the dog's legs and towards another door, but this door was closed. Jessie was cornered, there was no way out. She closed her eyes and waited for the big dog to chew her when she heard the voice of a little girl coming up the stairs. Jessie quickly froze. Scud turned his head towards Hanna.

"Scud what are you doing! You're not allowed up stairs! You leave too many messes, get in the kitchen!" Hanna ordered. The big dog sighed and went down the stairs. Hanna noticed Jessie laying on the floor, "What's this?" she picked up Jessie. "A new dolly! We'll have so much fun Mrs. Nessbit." Hanna said as she ran into her room and set Jessie at her tea table with her headless dolls. Hanna goes into her closet and digs out Buzz's Mrs. Nessbit apron and hat. "This cowboy hat just won't do," she took off Jessie's cowboy hat and tossed it away into the corner. "You can't go to a tea party in blue jeans! You need to dress like a proper lady," Hanna said as she went back and dug out a frilly Barbie dress, defiantly NOT something Jessie would have chosen.

"Oh please no!" Jessie thought as Hanna put the dress on over Jessie's regular outfit. She then completed the outfit with the little pink apron. "If the toys ever saw me like this boy would it be open season on Jessie. Especially from Potato head and Hamm." Jessie thought as she was forced to guzzle down 'Dargeiling'. Hanna played with Jessie all day long. Finally it was time for Hanna to go to sleep.

"You're my favourite toy," Hanna said as she went to sleep.

Jessie felt good being played with and being called "favourite" again, but all she wanted was to go back home to Andy. Besides, she didn't think she could stand wearing dresses. As soon as Hanna was asleep Jessie flung the frilly stuff off and went to the corner to get her hat. She put it on and climbed up to the windowsill and sat in it, just looking out into space. She hugged her knees into her chest and rested her head on them just staring, wishing, hoping.

~ In Andy's room Mrs. Davis tucks Andy into bed, "What if I never find Jessie?" Andy asked upset.

"Don't worry honey, I'm sure she'll turn up sooner or later," Mrs. Davis kissed Andy goodnight and turned off his bedroom light and turned on the night-light. She then proceeded out of the room and on to bed herself.

As soon as Andy was asleep Buzz too climbed up to the windowsill and sat the same and stared out the window. Buzz was looking more for Jessie to be in Sid's window, but with her being on the opposite end he couldn't see her and she couldn't see him.

~ Pretty soon it was obvious to Jessie that it was useless to stay up waiting for someone who wasn't coming. She climbed down and opened the toy box lid, she climbed in and shut it, and her last words were, "Oh Buzz." ~ In Andy's room Buzz still sat on the windowsill.

"Don't worry Buzz, we'll get her back," Woody said from behind Buzz. Buzz turned around and looked down to the floor where Woody and Bo Peep were standing.

"Don't worry Buzz, by tomorrow afternoon Jessie will be back safe and sound in your arms and everything will be alright," Bo Peep added.

Buzz didn't want to look at Woody and Bo at the moment. They were together, they had each other and at the moment he had no one. Buzz turned his attention back to the window, "I just hope she's OK." Part The Third: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue That Next morning, it was a Monday morning, Andy got up and left for school. He was still upset that he didn't find Jessie.

They toys from both Molly's room and Andy's room all immediately congregated in Andy's room to hear what Woody had to say about what they were going to do to get Jessie back. The room was chaos, all the toys were talking at once, and panicking about what had happened and what they were about to hear.

It was time for Buzz and Woody to make their speech to the rest of the toy population. They climbed to the top of Andy's bed, the rest immediately quieted down to listen.

"As you all may already know, Jessie has been kidnapped," Woody began. "But we have a plan to get her back. Buzz will be used as bait, as soon as they take him in, we will mobilize in the backyard. We will infiltrate the air vents of Sid's house, drop through the ceiling and get Jessie back!" Woody delivered his speech. They toys all cheered.

~ They went downstairs to the back door. Buzz looked out and saw Prospector waiting for him at the hole in the fence. He took a deep breath and started to leave "Good luck," Woody said, "We'll be right behind you." "Yeah, I know"¦ Sheriff." Buzz added with a little laugh.

"Go get her Buzz," Woody said as he watched Buzz march off to the backyard.

~ Hanna took Jessie out of the toy box and they played until she had to go to school too. Jessie thought she was safe until she heard the front door open downstairs. It was Sid! "Oh no! He's home! He'll come in here and find me, and then I'll be dead, end up like the Prospector. If I end up looking like, a monster." She knew right then and there that she was going to die. She climbed up to the window to take one good last look at Andy's house. She looked out and pressed her nose to the glass. She sighed, then looked down when she saw something shinny, spaceman shinny. It was Buzz, but lead by Prospector. She couldn't bear to see Buzz doing this for her. "If I'm going to be saved, then darn it! Buzz is coming back home with me!" Jessie all of a sudden had a plan to sneak out of Hanna's room and go to rescue Buzz, a strange twist.

~ From the window of Andy's room Hamm, the piggy bank, with the assistance of Lenny, they wind up binoculars, watched as Prospector took Buzz into the house via the backdoor. "He took the bait!" Hamm shouted out of the room to Rocky, the strong man, who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Rocky quickly bounded over to the back door to where Woody and the rest of the toys were awaiting the signal to go.

"Pig say Buzz is in Sid's house," the strong man said in broken English.

"Alright, let's move." Woody said as he opened the sliding glass door. They toys all began to file out of the house. One by one they assembled on the back lawn. The LGAMs, Rocky, Slinky dog, Rex, Mr. Potato head, even Barbie was lending a hand.

Barbie was standing there applying camouflage makeup to her face, "A girl must accessorize if she's going to go on a dangerous mission." she said as she slipped her black ski cap on her blonde hair to match her all black outfit. The rest of the toys just shook their heads at the birdbrain blonde.

Woody took a breath as he started his way out of the door. He didn't get very far before something grabbed him around his neck.

"Good luck sheriff," she said grinning.

Woody stood before the troops, "Alright men," Barbie huffed, "And woman, There are two toys in trouble. And we need to rescue them," Woody went on as he paced back and forth before the toys that were lined up.

"Sir, yes sir!" the LGAM squad barked after Woody's every sentence.

"Now the GAM will infiltrate the air ducts, the rest of us will slip in through two main entrances. Me, Rex, Rocky, and Slinky will go through the front doggy door. Potato head, you will command the rest of the toys going in through the back door of their house. We will all assemble in Sid's room, take the mutants by surprise and save our comrades!" Woody delivered an uplifting speech.

"Sir yes sir!" the GAM saluted.

"OK let's move!" Woody yelled and the GAM filed out through the hole in the fence. The rest of the toys followed with Woody at the rear.

~ Buzz was taken to Sid's room. Sid had not yet arrived in his room. He was downstairs watching TV.

"Alright Prospector, let her go," Buzz said, "You have me." "Oh I wish I could but you see there's one slight problem," Prospector said menacingly.

"What do you mean 'problem'?" Buzz asked he didn't want to come all this way to find that Jessie had been killed or worse, turned into a mutant. 'Oh my gosh! No! She was turned into a mutant like you!" Buzz said panicking. "You said nothing would happen to her!" Buzz came towards Prospector in a threatening manor. But the Prospector used one of his clawed hands to smack down Buzz to the floor.

"She is not a mutant!" Prospector said standing over Buzz who was still laying on the floor, "She had a run in with the dog!" Prospector laughed at Buzz.

"NO," Buzz said with wide eyes of fear. "It can't be!" He came all this way to save someone who he would never see alive again.

Prospector was enjoying this. He was basking in the glory of making this once strong spaceman sad. He loved seeing him mentally breaking down before him. "You should have came and saved her," Prospector told him. "She thought you didn't love her, she decided she was going to safe herself if you weren't coming," Prospector had a way of brainwashing people. He made Buzz forget all about the warning Prospector had told him the other day. Making Buzz feel guilty, and ashamed. "I guess she was right, you don't care about her. So why are you wallowing in your sorrow? If you really cared for her you would have come before that happened." Prospector smiled evilly at Buzz who believed every word of it, even though deep down he knew it wasn't true. Prospector had done to him just as he had done to Woody all them years ago.

"It's my fault," Buzz said in-between gulps of air, "If I had come sooner none of this would have happened." Prospector shook his head yes.

"If it wasn't for you, she'd still be alive." Prospector added to his problems.

~ Jessie was on the other side of the door hearing all of this. She had her ear pressed to the door for quit some time now, listening to this go on. And she couldn't stand it anymore. She couldn't stand listening to Buzz cry as Prospector broke him down. That was the last straw. Jessie banged open the door and stepped in, "Hold it right there Prospector!" she said as she stepped in through the door.

Prospector gasped, "You're alive!" He said in disappointment.

"Jessie?" Buzz got up and ran to her. He didn't quit believe what he was seeing. "Are you real? Or am I just staring at a ghostly spectre here to taunt me?" He brought up on hand to face.

Jessie grabbed his hand and pressed it to the side of her face, "No Buzz it's really me. I escaped Scud." Buzz nodded in agreement with her that he too was overjoyed to see her, alive and in one piece.

Prospector just about had enough of this, "Well isn't that touching? Makes me sick to my stomach!" he spat out. He was displeased to see Jessie alive.

"Prospector, you're in for a world of hurt!" Buzz said as he and Jessie came towards the mutant.

"You would think that wouldn't you?" Prospector said sarcastically. "But you see, there's only two of you and about 20 of us," he pointed out the other angry mutants circling around them like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy. Hand in the box sneaked behind Jessie and coiled around her like a stranger deformed cobra. She was trapped. Buzz had caught on to the surrounding toys. He fought each of them as he made his way to Stinky Pete. He had defeated the mutants but Hand in the Box still kept Jessie as the trophy to be won.

"It's just you and me Pete," Buzz said as he stepped closer. "Let's go." Prospector was confident that he would win over Buzz with his new giant erector set claws and spindle spider legs. "I will do to you what I should have don't back at the airport!" Prospector said as he lunged at Buzz. Both toys fought, Prospector slashed at Buzz with his claws, just barely missing him as Buzz ducked out of the way. Buzz delivered a few good hits to Prospectors chin but not without retaliation from Stinky Pete. Prospector connected with one claw to Buzz's chin. Buzz stammered back. He lifted his finger to his chin to feel a scar. He had been gauged in the plastic. Buzz leaped on top of Prospector, pinning him to the ground. He was like a turtle stuck on its back. With his erector set legs he couldn't overturn him self. He was venerable to Buzz's ever hit. He couldn't even slash at Buzz with his claws because they didn't reach across his big belly to where he could get a good shoot at Buzz. Buzz slammed his fists into Stinky Pete's face. A left, a right. He was taking a serious beating from the hotheaded spaceman. Buzz even used his elbows knowing that the pointy edge of his gauntlet would hurt even more when he put his full weight behind it into the blow. Before long Stinky Pete was nothing more then a few pieces of scrap metal and some cloth. Buzz stood up and looked at the Prospector. He had never actually killed another toy before. It didn't feel right, but it didn't feel wrong either. The mutants slunk back into the shadows of Sid's room fearing that Buzz still had some aggression left in him and would turn it towards them.

Hand in the Box let go of Jessie and retreated as well. The two shouted a cry of triumph.

~ The team lead by Mr. Potato head was getting a little lost on their way to Sid's room. Barbie insisted that they go one way while Potato head argued to go another. They didn't get past the back door.

Woody and his team slipped in through the front door. They found Scud resting right in front of the doggy door. Rex panicked and ran back to Andy's house. Woody led the rest skilfully around the sleeping beast. They where right behind the hat rack when Woody heard Sid thunder towards the front door.

"Alright the mail man's here!" he shouted as he opened the door and he and the dog slipped out to greet the mailman. "I hope my new rocket came in the mail!" was the last words they heard before the door slammed shut behind Sid.

Woody gulped, he remembered the last rocket Sid had and all the trouble it caused them. "We've got to get to Buzz and Jessie now." Woody whispered. They all started at a gallop for the stairs.

~ Buzz and Jessie were still in Sid's room just standing there in an embrace. All of a sudden the LGAM squad dropped from the ceiling. "Alright men move out!" Sarge ordered the troops.

Buzz looked around at the LGAMs as the tried to assist the situation that wasn't there. "Umm guys, you're a little late. I already have everything under control." Buzz said.

"I told you we should have taken a right in the air duct above the bathroom." one said to another behind Sarge's back.

"Well alright then! Let move out!" Sarge ordered and pointed towards the door, "Let's move, move, MOVE!" Buzz looked at Jessie, " Ready to go home?" "As long as your there, I'll go anywhere with you." they started to follow the LGAMs out towards the door.

Woody and his squad busted in through the door in a hurry. He was panting from just running up a flight of stairs that for a human would be no problem but for a toy was like climbing Mt. Everest.

"Guys! We've got to get out of here now!" Woody huffed in-between breaths, "Sid's on his way right now with a rocket!" "Oh no not again!" Buzz said slapping a hand to his forehead.

"We've got to go!" Woody demanded. He opened the door just a smidgen to see if it was clear. All he got was an eye full of dog breath. Scud was just on the other side of the door. Woody slammed it and rested up against it. "This is not good," he said as the dog could be heard at the other side barking. Sid could be heard down the stairs yelling at the dog. His voice sounded as if Sid was coming closer.

"Everybody hide!" Buzz shouted. Buzz and Jessie looked for a safe place to hide as everyone else ran into spots. There was only one really good hiding spot behind Sid's nightstand. But Buzz couldn't fit, only Jessie. He slipped Jessie into the spot and started off to quickly find his own when she grabbed his had and jerked him back.

"Buzz, don't leave me," she pleaded with her green eyes.

"I won't leave you, I promise I'll come right back," Buzz said. Jessie looked into his blue eyes. She could see he was going to come back and trusted him. She let go of his hand and watched as he hid under a milk carton just as Sid came into the room.

Sid held in his hand a large box; obviously by the happy look on his face it was the rocket he had been waiting for. On his way into the room he didn't watch where he was going and tripped over the milk carton that was Buzz's hiding spot.

"What the?" Sid looked down at Buzz and smiled evilly, "You're the reason I was locked inside of a mental institution for a year!" Sid snarled at Buzz. "I'm going to do to you what I should have done a long time ago," Sid laughed evilly in Buzz's face. So close Buzz could smell his awful bad breath stink.

All the toys cringed as they watched Buzz be strapped to another rocket. This time Buzz couldn't just press a button and POP he was free. His arms where strapped down as well. He was trapped. It looked like the end for Buzz as all the toys where frozen with fear and certainly the mutants weren't going to pitch in and help this time.

Jessie stared in horror as she saw Buzz taped to the big rocket. They had just gotten back together, proclaimed their love for each other and now he was going to be blown to bits?! Jessie wouldn't allow it. He had saved her and now she was going to return the favour. Jessie stepped confidently out of her hiding spot and started towards Sid.

Sid looked at Buzz admiring his handy work; "This time you shall not escape!" he said taking a line from Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Woody had noticed Jessie coming towards Sid, he knew that she was going to need help; one toy wasn't going to stop Sid. Woody came out and followed Jessie and soon all of Andy's toys were behind Jessie.

"You unhand that Spaceman right now!" Jessie demanded.

Sid turned around to see his nightmare again. For years the face of Woody had haunted Sid in his dreams, mocking his sanity. Now there was a new player in the game, a new face to mock him. Jessie wasn't talking out of her voice box either; she was breaking every rule to being a toy. "NO!" Sid screamed, you can't talk; you're just a toy! Toy's aren't alive!" Sid screamed. "I went to years of therapy to learn that!" Sid wadded up on the floor in the fettle position. He grabbed his head and closed his eyes. "It's just a dream, a really bad dream," he told himself. He opened his eyes thinking that everything would be gone, but he saw Jessie right in his face.

"Boo!" she yelled at him.

Sid jumped up and screamed, "Please don't hurt me!" "Hurt you? No." Jessie said rather sarcastically, "We don't want to hurt you." "Well I do!" Buzz said as he hopped up off of the floor where he was dropped and waddled over next to Jessie.

"Now, now Buzz," she said kindly and patted his head.

"What do you want?" Sid asked as he cringed away from them.

"I just want you to stop torturing your toys! And to leave us alone!" Jessie spat at him, "Got it!?" "!" Sid said.

"Good, now get lost!" Jessie yelled and Sid scrambled to his feet and ran out for the room.

"Why don't you go back to school and get some education!" Buzz yelled after Sid.

~ Downstairs Sid grabbed his backpack and took Buzz's advise and ran out of the door to school.

~ In Sid's room they toys were trying to get Buzz unstuck.

"Woody, Gimmie a hand here!" Woody came over and tried to help Jessie to get the tape off Buzz. With both of them they couldn't get Buzz unstuck. They got the assistance of Andy's other toys none of them could undo the tape. "Buzz looks like we'll have to take you back home like this and get the scissors." Woody said, "Now if only he had put some tape over your mouth," he tried to make light of the matter. Buzz and Jessie glared at him they didn't think It was all that funny.

Buzz remembered the last time, "Hey Jessie, can you reach my wing release button?" Buzz asked her.

"Yeah sure," Jessie didn't know what his pop out wings could do if none of them could get it undone.

"Press it," Buzz told her and she did. With a WHOOSH Buzz was free of his bonds. The rocket fell to the ground. Buzz and Jessie hugged. "Let's get out of here before anything else happens," Buzz said.

"Just one minute! There's something I want to do first," Jessie picked up a match off of the floor. Buzz looked at her puzzled, what was she up to this time? Jessie made her way to the rocket and lit it. "Duck!" she cried out as it zoomed over their heads. Jessie ran to the door and opened it just as the rocket zoomed out. Scud was waiting at the door and got a nasty surprise as the rocket chased him through the house. It exploded, scaring the pooch but not hurting him. Jessie walked back to Buzz and took his arm, "Shall we?" They all started walking out of the door when Mr. Potato head and company almost ran into them coming in the door.

"We'll save ya Jessie!" Barbie cried out as she busted through the door. All the toys stared at her and the rest of them. Barbie looked around, "Where's all the battle?" she asked.

"You missed it!" Woody shouted out, "You guys are a little late don't you think?" "Well Miss 'I'm going to break a nail' here couldn't agree on which way we went to Sid's room!" Potato head shouted sarcastically staring at Barbie. The blonde just tossed her hair behind her and huffed.

"Whatever, lets all just go home," Woody said and all the toys agreed. They all filed out and went back to Andy's.

~ That evening Andy returned home to find his missing toy. "Mom! Mom! I found Jessie!" Andy shouted happily as he hugged Jessie and ran with her downstairs to show his Mrs. Davis.

"Great! Where did you find her?" Mrs. Davis asked as she prepared dinner.

"She was in Molly's room the whole time, I guess Molly was hiding her from me," Andy chuckled.

"Why don't you put Jessie in a safe spot away from your sister?" Mrs. Davis suggested and patted her son on the head.

"I will Mom!" Andy said as he ran up the stairs back into his room. Andy set Buzz up on top of the dresser and cradled Jessie in Buzz's arms, "Don't let her get lost again Buzz, I'm counting on you to guard her." Andy instructed Buzz. When Andy's back was turned Buzz and Jessie looked at each other, Buzz mumbled, "I promise." They smiled at each other and then froze in their position as Andy turned back their way.