Toyota What are the factors making Toyota so successful?

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Toyota 28/01/2008


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Executive summary p 3 - 4

Toyota Production System p 5 - 11

Sales and Marketing p 12 -13

CC21 p 14

2010 Global Vision p 15 -16

The Toyota Way p 17 - 20

Conclusion p 21 - 22

Bibliography p 23

Executive Summary

Toyota has evolved into the world's most sophisticated modern corporation - one whose example has challenged modern days manufacturing and management involvement - happens to be a common topic of conversation among business analysts these days. And yet deconstructing Toyota means breaking down a corporation that uses all its resources, and more than 295,000 employees worldwide, to construct things that are not meant to come apart.

The above statement clearly indicates that Toyota is a company that are totally committed towards being the market leader in aspect of manufacturing, sales and quality.

The article provided for this case study, emphasis the growth and maturity of the Toyota Corporation during a period of ± 60 years - 1950 to present day. It highlights aspects of Toyota Production System (TPS), sales & marketing, Construction of Cost Competitiveness for the 21st Century (CCC21 for short) and 2010 Global Vision commitments that were the success factors that made Toyota to be a market leader.

By decoding Toyota I will discuss the following issues:

Toyota Production System:

Was the derivation and implementation of TPS done correctly?

How effective is TPS?

What beneficial aspects does it have for modern-day manufacturing companies, including Toyota?

Sales and marketing:

Was the way Toyota went about its marketing strategy correct at the time, and how effective was it?

What benefits does this...