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Toyota's headquarters are located in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. The company was founded in 1933 by Kiichiro Toyoda as an offshoot of Toyoda Automatic Loom Company (Wikipedia, 2007). In the Fortune Global 500, Toyota Motor is the 8th largest company in the world. Toyota has been consistently gaining market share in the United States.Toyota merged its operations and its manufacturing operations in 2006. This was to achieve efficiency and reduce the overhead administration. Toyota's move is to assure that the two functions are under common leadership as it moves to implement an integrated version of its product development system in its North American Market. Their suppliers will generally have an easier time implementing the Toyota product. This nine-page paper will focus on Toyota and how its managers and leaders are maintaining a healthy organizational culture within their business.


In 2002, Toyota adopted the Global Vision they were originally planning to start in 2010.

Global Vision's purpose was to meet the mobility needs in a way that respects everyone, including the earth's environment. The involves several long-term policies on the basic theme of 'innovation into the future.' Their four key themes are to focus on recycling, IT and ubiquitous networks, to acquire a respect for exchange of ideas, and focus on the private industry. Toyota's ultimate goal is to pursue a new global image for itself with the four key components of be kind to earth, maintain a certain amount of comfort in life, promote excitement for the world, and maintain respect for all people. They plan to pursue all possible research and technologies, including developing and establishing new technologies to help the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously. Toyota plans to cooperate with society and build a close relationship with several individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation...