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Toyota executives lead the customer satisfaction committee at TMS and TMC. * These committees help establish the link between marketing strategies and operational realities of the organization. DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION COMMITTEE * One of Toyota's key indicators of its performance for customer satisfaction is "initial quality" or " the quality percieved by the customer in the first few months of ownership. * The J.D. Power initial survey provides feedback on quality to automobile producers, individual diagnostics, and comparison to competition. Toyota was not ranked number one in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and found out they had a lot of room for improvemnt. * In 1986, TMS/USA made a strong proposal to TMC/Japan stating that Toyota should be number one. The proposal implied that TMC should improve product quality in the plants to achieve that number one ranking. * In 1987, TMC began to persue the proposal. * The initiative to improve the customer satisfaction came to be referred to as "J1".

ESTABLISHMENT OF TMC'S CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONCOMMITTEE * In 1988 TMC established a committee structure specifically to accomplish the J1 objective for customer satisfaction. There were three subcommittees involved to address specific customer satisfaction issues: product quality, domestic sales and service, and overseas sale and service. INITIAL EFFORT TO IMPROVE QUALITY AT TMC JAPAN * TMC'S initial efforts for the J1 initiative concentrated on the work of the product quality committee. * They set out targets and initiated many improvements, and were to 60 to 70 percent on their way to achieving their targets when the incongruity between their "high" quality improvements and "lower" customer satisfaction rating became obvious. * TMC's product quality committee relied heavily on TMS's voice-of-customer information and surveys of customers. * Some of TMC's responses were "Door has scratch" or "grease on the carpet"...