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There are many powerful reasons why the Toyota Supra stands pround among the worlds top supercars. The Toyota Supra is unsurpassed in its quality and smoothness on the road. As someone flies by and all you see is a blur most chances it might be a Supra. The car turns heads as it quietly zooms down the road. The Supra is a supercar because of it's performace and Safety on the road.

One of the reasons the Supra is a supercar is a twenty-four valve, sequential twin-turbocharged inline-six. Thanks to its extremely wide torque curve, it has, as they say, no bottom-neither short of breath or response. This Double Overhead-Cam rocket develops three hundred and twenty horsepower at 5,600rpm and 315 lb.-ft. Of torque at 4,000rpm. And the normally-aspirated powerplant has its own pavement-clawing credtails. Its Acoustic Control Induction System delivers brute V8-like power thanks to a chambered intale manifold.

Partially closed at low rpm, it increases air velocity; wide open at high rpm, it increases volume when it needs it most. Twin-turbo or normally-aspirated; either engine will turn the roadside into a fluid blur.

Big power requires big safety and the Supra definitely has both. Abs brakes and incredibly responsive engines, steering and suspension help you avoid trouble. And when that's not possible, it's nice to know that you have side-door impact beams, dual air bags, padded interior panels and front and rear crumple zones. Cutting dge technology gleams throughout. Supra's handleing is predictable and precise, and its massive vented disc brakes respond with a no-fade 60-0 mph stopping distance only 120ft. The result. You're in charge.

A turn of the key lights a growl and, suddenly, your senses are one with machine. Flawless ergonomics, soothing comfort and uncompromising style are blaenced in the supra. The arc of the...