TQM Implementation Simulation Report.

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What steps would Seguro take to implement a TQ process?

Seguro would first investigate the surge in their defect rates. Analysts would study the four mechanical processes involved in forming CPU cases. The data collected would be analyzed and analysts would determine which mechanical process to focus further investigation. Recognizing which process needs to be analyzed further will allow the team to narrow down the major and minor defects. After defining the defective processes, the team of analysts will recommend solutions. The analysts will provide the pros and cons to each suggestion. After Seguro management reaches a decision on the methodology, the team will then present a set of strategies that implement TQM into the Seguro organization. These strategies could include the development of a comprehensive quality policy, the creation of problem solving work groups, and employee empowerment.

What is the difference between reorganization and reengineering?

Reorganization according to the American Heritage Dictionary is defined as, "a thorough alteration of the structure of a business corporation."

Reengineering means the exact same thing. Reorganization and reengineering both could involve installing or upgrading an automated customer service system, reconfiguring production schedules or modifying the manufacturing process. I do not believe much difference exists between the two words.