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In today's business world, the competitive markets are moving rapidly with high random consumer's demands, and these companies have to fight in order to remain in business. This paper will research three separate organizations representing three different economic sectors, and provide a description of the need for consumer driven quality in each organization. Then, build a comparison matrix outlining the differences between the strategic roles of Total Quality Management within each of the organizations and sectors. As well, discuss the importance of leadership within each organization as it relates to quality. The main three organizations that will be researched are the, service, manufacturing, and non-profit sectors. Every economic sector has a different value of quality in consumer relations, and approaches toward quality management depending on consumer needs and wants, and organization requirements in their sector.

As of today, successful organizations are extremely driven by consumers, which increase customer satisfaction by providing quality products/services, and meeting target expectations.

The first focal point representing the manufacturing sector will be the Sunny Fresh Foods Company. Sunny Foods is in the food service industry producing primarily value added egg based foods. Their headquarters is located in Monticello, Maine, and other factories in Big Lake, LAKE ODESA, MI, Mason City, IA, and Panora, IA. Sunny Foods has more than 2,000 consumers, including schools, healthcare, military, and quick service restaurants. They produce more than 160 different goods that are labeled under Sunny Fresh Foods, or privately for other retail marketers and food services. Sunny Foods manufacture fat and cholesterol free products, refrigerated and frozen meals, pre cooked frozen diced or scrambled eggs, peeled hard cooked eggs, frozen liquid egg mixes, and pasteurized eggs,SFF received a Baldrige Award in 1999 in the small business category. SFF is a subsidiary of Cargill, Incorporated. Sunny Fresh Foods currently...