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The three sectors that I choose to write about in these total quality management survey paper are service, manufacturing and government. The service sector is FedEx, manufacturing is Motorola and with the government sector I have chosen the U.S. Postal Service.

1) FedEx (Service Organization)FedEx was first founded as Federal Express in 1971 by a former U.S. Marine who's name was Fredrick W. Smith from Little Rock, Arkansas. The company officially began business operations in April 17, 1973. Today, FedEx is one of the world's largest express transportation organizations. The company has about 264 aircraft and services 211 countries. FedEx employs 145,000 people and has 46 call centers across the globe handling over 500,000 phone calls daily. FedEx achieved the ISO 9001 for it's entire operations worldwide and was the first major carrier to be recognized in 1994.

FedEx now has several operating units such as FedEx Freight, FedEx ground, FedEx Kinko's and FedEx Express.

FedEx always keeps it's edge in the market to keep the services they provide encompassing on all related fields. The purpose FedEx is to give the customers a quality expectation. The range of operating and service units are known for the efficiency and value for money proposition, also with the cutting edge systems and practices. FedEx has determination to deliver its promises and setting high bench marks for the company that underlines a consistent improvement for quality. Through the consistent improvement in quality FedEx satisfies customers and does well on the market place.

Customer Driven QualityFedEx has always emphasized great customer service, but since FedEx offers a broad array of services beyond just express delivery, the company is seeking to differentiate through an outstanding customer service. FedEx wants to make sure that customers have a great experience at every touch point whether it...