Tracing The Relationship Of Gene And Finny

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Tracing the relationship of Gene and Finny The background of A separate Peace is the Second World War and the focus of book is a group of sixteen and seventeen-year-old boys who are getting closer towards either enlisting or being drafted into war. During World War II it was a time period that would make Gene and the rest of the boys think about which branch of the military they want to enlist in, if they rather enlist than wait to be drafted to be stuck with whatever job you were assigned. Why this is important is because it is somewhat of a stopwatch that is counting down on the time the boys have left until they are drafted, putting a time limit on things in the book. To enlist ment that you could choose what branch and what you wanted to do in the military, while waiting to be drafted would give you a chance that you may not be called into action.

Throughout the book Gene has to decied, as well as all the other boys, wether they to enlist of try and hold out as much as possible before being drafted. This is what was mentioned quite a bit in the book. World War II influenced the boys in A Separate Peace, by making them grow and mature more quickly than they would have if there had not been a war. The war made some boys stronger, more matured, and more ready for what the future has to bring, while in other people it would push them to the point that they could not handle life and went crazy, as was the case with Leper.

Gene and Phineas, or more commonly referred to as Finny, started a friendship and seemed to be the perfect buddies. Finny had...