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Investigating TNC's activities using IKEA as a case study. 1. Log on to

2. Find the 'Never Ending List'.

IKEA pride themselves on the way that they support people and the environment and are very public in regards to the way that they do this.

Your assignment requires you to be able to make a judgment on the impact that your chosen TNC has on social and physical environments. In order to understand what this means we are going to look at the impact IKEA has on these environments.

By navigating through this section of the IKEA website you are to identify 5 ways in which IKEA enhances people's circumstances (social environment) and 5 ways they protect the environment (natural environment).

You will be expected to present your finding to the class, so be prepared!

Use the table below to identify the impact and state the positives of this impact.

Social Impact Implications of the Impact

In our work of taking social and environmental

responsibility we have decided to prioritise these


• The IKEA Way on Purchasing Home Furnishing Products,

IWAY, including the focus areas preventing child labour and

promoting responsibly managed forests.

• Safe and healthy products, including food served in IKEA


• Reduction of emissions, caused by transportation of IKEA

products and people.

• Environmental work in IKEA units, with special focus on our

distribution centres and store

Environmental Impact Implications of the Impact

You have a very strong forestry policy and strict

requirements. How can you be sure that all the wood

you use originates from sustainable forestry?

We can never guarantee that all the wood we use comes from

sustainable forestry, but we can guarantee that we will continue

working hard to make sure this is the case. IKEA does not accept

timber, veneer, plywood or layer-glued wood from intact natural

forests or from forests with a clearly defined high conservation

value, and by putting these demands on all the wood suppliers, we

contribute to a sustainable way of handling the forest. But tracing

such huge quantities of timber can be a complicated task in some

parts of the world, and there we still have some work to do