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Hello, 1 am Bill Nye. 1 am a scientist who studies in balancing and trading. 1 am a citizen on 1 of 3 islands. These 3 islands have been having a trading situation, well more like a trading problem. You see, we have no Actual measurement system for trading. So 1 will have to experiment with A system that would fit with the and above all getting it to work. 1 will be using balance to configure the equality of each object to trade. Anyways, lets get on to the description of the islands.

The 1st island, which 1 live on, is called DÃœFF 1sle. This Island produces a fruit named DÃœFfapple, which is kind of a pineapple. 1t also has wheat, Simpson-Lettuce, and DÃœFfots. Each item has a lot of protein & the DÃœFfapple, when in liquid form, has been known to be a natural aphrodisiac. These are all essential to all 3 islands and are important for the health.

The 2nd 1sland, which is named Sony, has some important trade items but not many. This island is known for it's Industrial area. The few items on this island are: walnuts, hemp, and potatoes. The rest of the items are most likely just good for fire wood.

On the 3rd 1sland there is not a big variety but what they do have is plentiful. This island is called Jaimensio. The items that are on it are mostly materials and not food. 1t has pine tree's almost anywhere you go, it has cotton, and it has tobacco. Now let's move on to how 1 am going to make my balance.

To make my balance 1 will be using wood, bark, and 2 DÃœFfot shells. 1 will use the wood to make the structure. 1 will use the bark to make string out of to hang off the structure. Finally 1 will use the DÃœFfot shells for the pans in which the items will be placed. 1 will make a board with holes in it to hang the string which holds the pans. 1 will drill the holes with a sharp piece of wood. Then 1 will assemble it. Here's an example: Now lets move onto the experiments.

Now for this experiment, we will be trying to find a unit of measurement for the trading. My hypothesis for this experiment is that the unit of measurement will be (what 1 call) a mass, which is also a unit of mass. The abbreviation is G. So first in my experiment 1 measured a DÃœFfapple with some simpson-lettuce: 1t turned out it balanced, but it took way more simpson-lettuce also. So off of this information 1 decided that the unit should be equal to about 3 leaves of simpson-lettuce. 1 thought that because the unit should be able to be compatible with almost everything, if not everything.

Then when analyzing the items on each island 1 noticed that not all of the items would be compatible with that system. The materials like wood would be to heavy to be able to trade with edibles. So 1 think that it shouldn't be a weight thing but a value kind of thing. Each item will be from a 1 and 5 rating, so maybe like wood would be like 2 or 3 In the rating scale.

EXAMPLE on next page"¦"¦ Example: Alright, now that 1 got a reasonable system down, 1 am going to release it into the island chain. Now, there is a good ferry system that goes through all the islands 10 times a day. 1 think that with the government's money we can buy a few ferry's to go between the islands with trading goods. Along with that some people are welcome to use the regular ferry's for there trading goods also but there will be a small handling fee. Trading days on each island are going to be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So 1 will release it and 1'll see how it goes, but as for this paper it has become the end.

Peace & Humptiness 4ever!!! ->Jaime