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The movie Monsoon Wedding had the director, writer, and producer

Mira Nair, an Indian lady. She was born in India and educated in Deli University and at

Harvard. She was an actor before. Later on, she became a director and writer. Monsoon

Wedding is the movie she shot in summer of 2000 in Delhi. It was shot in 30 days, a

story of a Punjabi Wedding starring Naseeruddin Shah and an ensemble of Indian

actors. This film won a Golden nomination for best foreign language film. At the

romantic monsoon rain, the extended Verma family reunites from around the globe for a

last minute arranged marriage in Delhi. Tradition is one of the themes in the movie,

which shows us how the young generation is doing in this film

Talking about Indian tradition is very interesting, especially for me because

I am part of India. I know all the culture and tradition about it.

It's interesting for me to

explain to someone about my own tradition and let them know. Once I start talking about

Indian tradition, I can't stop myself. I just keep going on and on. In India, we have all

different kinds of tradition because of different states and people from those states. All

states have different styles of clothes and languages. Most of the states have almost the

Desai 2

same tradition, but they are a little different than each other . Overall, Indian tradition is

full of happiness. One of the keys of Indian tradition is family. That shows in this movie

how the family relates to each other and how that relation is important for each member

of the family.

First of all, talking about the film that we have seen, Monsoon Wedding,

it shows tradition about Punjabi people. Punjabi is one...