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In Jordan , my country ,located in the middle east, the problem of traffic accidents started to appear as a serious issue in the late 1980s.

Recently in Jordan, traffic accidents were considered the second leading cause of death.

Children , young and elderly , have been exposed to an elevated pedestrian accident risk.

Young drivers of ages less than 25 years old and elderly of ages over than 60 years old are involved in accident .

Careless and aggressive driving behavior were the major causes of traffic accidents.

Further , pedestrians are not given sufficient consideration in transportation and urban planning. In many conditions pedestrians walking on streets and crossing during the green phase for vehicles , not only to blame the pedestrians , but the lack of pedestrians' bridges and tunnels , and part of the accountability is due to venders and merchants who normally do their activities on sidewalks supposedly reserved for pedestrians.

Also , schools location are not studied well , as many of them are located adjacent to main roads, which expose the student to danger.

Kids has no public sport fields to play , so they have to play in streets between houses .

Police unfortunately do not enforce speed-measuring radars to enforce law and punish violated drivers in congested urban areas, residential areas, or even in school zones despite the fact that these areas rather deserve higher attention and special attentiveness and require law-enforcing police officers to be around most of the time.

After many tragedious accidents , many social organization stood up to reduce this preventable problem . they started by installing more pedestrian bridges as it is a safer option for pedestrian to move from one area of the street to another, without fearing or maneuvering high traffic.

Social organizations focused on raising awareness and fundraising for programs for safer streets and schools' zones.

Other organizations announced the sponsorship of children's football fields located in different cities of Jordan. Believing in the importance of facilitating safer environments for the children while spending their free time instead of risking their lives by playing in the street and Keeping children away from being injured by dangerous traffic on the streets, providing a safer place to play, avoiding dangerous habits, and creating healthy competition through sports like football.

The government built more free parking lots , to prevent drivers from parking on streets sides.