Traffic Safety.

Essay by LionTamer November 2006

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Regardless of what many people may think, traffic safety is the most important thing when it comes to cars. Many people who have disobeyed traffic laws, which exist for the safety of everyone, have ended up dead or killing innocent people. The United States has an average of 42,000 car crash related deaths a year. To be a safe driver =, one must know proper car maintenance, as well as safety specifications while outside the car, inside the car, or driving a car.

When a person is outside the car, walking on the street, he must follow a couple of basic laws. one of these laws has been taught to you by your parents, which tells you to look both ways before crossing a road. The second law is not to distract other drivers while driving. By distracting other drivers, you may cause them to collide with other cars or pedestrians.

When a person enters a car he must at least check if the signals, breaks, and mirrors work before he starts to drive. This is very important because the signals can distract other drivers, faulty brakes can cause you to collide with another vehicle or pediistrian, and sub-standard mirrors may not be able to cover blind spots. The most important thing to do before starting to drive a car is to buckle your seatbelts. Seatbelts are there for your own safety. If you should be in a head on car accident, and you are not wearing your seatbelt, you can fly through the window causing you to suffer brain damage or even dying.

When a person is on the road driving, he must use common sense and follow a set of laws to ensure that the person and everyone around him are not hurt. He must follow a set...