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Have you ever come to Viet Nam? Viet Nam is a developing country with the population of over 90 million people. The population is increasing, so it also brings about lots of problems, one of which is traffic. Traffic in Viet Nam is terrible to describe because there are many accidents between cars, motorbikes, bikes, trucks, and pedestrians. The congestion of traffic is becoming more serious day by day, but the problem can be solved if it has the support of all the people.

On average, every family in Ho Chi Minh City has three motorbikes. That is because many people from across the country immigrate to the big cities, such as Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, to look for job opportunities. The population is increasing so the number of vehicles is also increasing. This is the reason for a lot of traffic jams. Traffic jams have a negative effect on Vietnamese life because of the pollution of the air, noise, and accidents.

In addition, there are a lot of people who are unaware of following the traffic laws, such as not driving after drinking alcohol, not wearing helmets, driving over speed limits, and not stopping for red lights; three or four people on one motor bike is a common sight. Moreover, in Ho Chi Minh, the projects of digging the roads to improve sewerage are obstructing the traffic. The construction last for months and months with many piles of rocks on the street making the traffic more difficult than ever.

Although these problems are very difficult, there are ways to solve them. In order to reduce traffic jams, the government should develop a system of public transport, such as buses and subways, increase land areas devoted to traffic, and divide lanes for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians.