The Tragedy of the Holocaust

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The Tragedy of the Holocaust

When someone can be responsible for killing thousands of people, that person should be killed. Imagine having to see ones family get killed right before ones eye's just because of their race and religion. Imagine being starved for days and slaving away in a death camp. Imagine having home, family, even life be taken away from one. Imagine how life would be like with no mom or dad or friends. Being Americans we should be grateful for having freedom of speech, religion, and simply being free.

Adolf Hitler was an evil man full of hatred and greed. On January 30th, 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany ("the holocaust" 1). Hitler tried to move up slowly, by moving up this means working his way up in government. He was an extremely powerful man, who would tell someone to do something and the person would not argue but simply do it.

An example is when Hitler demanded to kill all the Jews and succeeded in having 11 million innocent people killed (Lace 4). He called this the Holocaust. Hitler called the Holocaust "the final solution to the Jewish question" (Rice. 11). Hitler believed that all Jews were incapable and they should be destroyed so he put them to work or killed them. The first concentration camp opened was Dachau, it opened on March 22, 1923 (Lace 26). Jews were sent to camps, they hardly fed you and what you got was soup, and bread with butter. The gas chambers were disguised as shower heads (Axelrod 12). When people were going to take showers they would get gassed and not know it.

The Nazis Group started to invade all of Europe and tormented the Jews. From 1933-1939 the Germans took away the Jews rights (Lace 9).