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Tragic Hero

The play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, is about the assassination of a Roman ruler. A conspiracy has formed against Caesar, and even his most trusted friend, Brutus, is taking part in its' plot. This young man, who seems to have misjudged the character of Caesar, can be seen as the tragic hero. Although he valiantly upholds what he believes is right, he meets his untimely end from his decision. Throughout the play, there are several hints about who the tragic hero is, and as the story unfolds, one notices the consequences reaped by Brutus' ill-advised decision.

Brutus, known by citizens as a respected politician and senator of Rome, is the tragic hero. He displays many valuable qualities, but also has many flaws, which will eventually cause his downfall. Specifically, Brutus is gullible, quick to judge people, and hastily makes decisions. Brutus' opinion of Caesar is greatly swayed by Cassius' speech, and he considers joining the conspiracy.

"That you do love me, I am nothing jealous; What you would work me to, I have some aim; How I have thought of this, and of these times, I shall recount hereafter. For this present, I would not so (with love I might entreat you) be any further moved. What you have said I will consider?"(I.ii.162-68)

After only a short conversation with Cassius, Brutus' seems to agree that Caesar is a tyrant, and soon he makes his decision to join the conspiracy. If it weren't for this decision, future events would not have taken place, and Brutus could have saved his own life. Rather then base his conclusion on facts; Brutus relied on his emotions and opinions about Caesar to make his choice. As a result of killing Caesar, Antony arouses the hatred towards Brutus and...