The Tragedy of "Romeo and Juliet"

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The peak of love between Romeo and Juliet leads to hatred and non-

acceptable amongst the behavior of opposite forces. The force from the parents of Juliet

to marry with Paris, betrayal of Nurse and the delusion of Friar Lawrence are the factors

which resulted in the death of Romeo and Juliet. Primarily, the obstacle that Juliet had to

face was the compression to marry with Paris and the inappropriate behavior from

parents. The Capulet 's attitude towards Juliet was strict and biased which leads a

negative impression on Juliet and the pressure to marry with County Paris made her

cried. When Juliet refused to marry Paris, Capulet replied, " Hang thee, young baggage,

disobedient wretch! I tell thee what I get thee to church a' Thursday or never after look

me in the face" (3,5,160-162), which describes that how much Capulet insulted her and

made her to marry Paris that resulted to take Juliet her own life.

Furthermore, Juliet's

reaction changed as she heard about the marriage with Paris and it made her one step

closer to suicide and the decision was against her will, which Juliet took it as a wrong

way and decided to take her own life. Secondly, Juliet had to face the betray ness of

Nurse. Nurse insisted Juliet to marry with Paris and advised her that Romeo is not a

perfect match for her but Paris is. When Juliet asked the opinion from nurse she

replied," Then since the case so stands as now it doth, I think it best you married with the

County" (3,5,216-217). The deceive ness of nurse to Juliet made her to confess and if it

didn't work then she has a power to die. Also, when Juliet saw that nurse is agree with

Capulet, the impression on Juliet from nurse's betray ness made her to kill herself.

Lastly, the problem that made the reason of the couples death was the mis-conception

of Friar Lawrence. He made the mistake, which Romeo and Juliet had to suffer and it was

the end of their life. Moreover, when Prince asked about the murder, Friar Lawrence said,

" Doth make against me, of this direful murder" (5,3,225). From the fallacy of Friar

Lawrence, Romeo got killed and when Juliet saw Romeo, she couldn't bare that at all

and killed herself from dagger. At last, the circumstances for the death of Romeo and

Juliet was the under-compulsion of marriage from Capulet, the nurse's deceive ness to

Juliet and the confusion that occurred at last made by Friar Lawrence took the lives of

two loving couples.