How the tragedy of september 2001 affected the world of sports and its outlook.

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After the tragic events of September eleventh, life changed and so did the world of sports; however, now normality has begun to emerge and sports has returned to its old ways. This happened, because the people in sports felt pressure to honor the country and not look like self-absorbed millionaires after the attacks, but now they no longer feel that pressure. Prior to the eleventh, athletes were publicly attacked for a slew of different offences and for a while it subsided, but now it has resumed. Now as terrorism no longer leads the nightly news, sports has returned to old time story lines.

Sports are the dessert menu on the menu of life and as the menu changed the dessert menu changed with it. Over the course of the year events took place in the world of sports that made you want to look the other way, whether the Gold Club trial or voyeurism at the Vet.

In January, The New York Times reported that players in the visiting locker room at the Vet drilled holes in a door to see the cheerleaders dress and undress. However, after the WTC attacks players' irresponsible actions subsided for a short while

In September, sports seemed to have become more mellow and civilized. The athletes' thoughts were the thoughts of the people, "You're not going to bring the greatest country in the world to its knees by sneaking up and hitting it in the head from behind..." said Norm Charlton six days after the disaster. Tony Gwynn said, "This was an attack on all of us and affects all of us..." showing he is a person first, a baseball player second All caps and jerseys had American flags sewn on them. New York's baseball teams wore FDNY caps. We sang "God Bless...