How Tragic Is King Lear?

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How Tragic Is King Lear?


How Tragic Is King Lear?


A tragedy in Shakespearean terms could be defined as a "drama or literary work in which the main character, the tragic hero, is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavourable circumstances, such as death" (Shakespeare, 2007, 42-45). The central character in the play "King Lear" is Lear himself, the King of Britain, who is portrayed as a tragic hero since he exhibits the traits that relate to a tragedy. King Lear tragedy of Shakespeare is a thorough sketch of the penalty the decision of individual person. This fabricated man is the king of England, Lear, whose judgments seriously modify his life and the other people's lives who's around him. "As Lear tolerates the position of King he is, as one anticipate, a person of enormous power but wickedly he give up all of this authority to his daughters as an incentive for their expression of love towards him" (Kahan, 2008, 118-112).

This early handing over of his throne effect in a series reaction of actions that sends him through a ride of hell. King Lear is a symbolic account of an individual's journey through hell in order to compensate his sin.


According A. C. Bradley (2007) "a tragic hero is someone who must have a position of authority, they must all have a characteristic flaw, they have to suffer, make an attempt of redemption, and finally they must die; the play King Lear is about a tragic hero named King Lear, and he is a tragic hero because he fits perfectly into Bradley's description one". King Lear had an extremely elevated place of...