The Tragic Sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald: The Investigation Continues

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Turner 8

Jacob E. Turner

Professor Jaqueline Justice

GSW 1120

3 July 2014

The Tragic Sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald:

The Investigation Continues

Many people know of shipwrecks such as the Titanic, yet not many people know about the massive freighter, SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior. Though some people say that no one will ever know what truly happened due to no distress or radio signals having been reported when the ship went down, tests have shown that hurricane force winds, the deadly winter storm, up to 40 foot waves on Lake Superior that day and the fact that the ship was experiencing technical problems, are the reason that the freighter sunk suddenly with no warning. Dives to the vessel have been accomplished over the years as well, to prove what happened the ship; however, these dives have recently come to a halt.

Divers should continue to explore the wreckage and investigate the ship, recover important artifacts and help bring closure to the families involved.

Prior to the ship's tragic demise, the Edmund Fitzgerald held the title of the largest ship ever to sail the great lakes and currently remains the largest ship ever to sink in the great lakes. The supposed mystery of the freighter's sinking compels common conversation. On a cold November day, in the Canadian waters of the great lakes, disaster struck the Edmund Fitzgerald. A massive winter storm in the area produced hurricane force winds, hail, sleet and waves reaching up to 40 feet high. Throughout this storm, the ship failed to give off distress signals or radio communications before it suddenly sank without a trace nor sound. How a ship this large could be taken down with such lack of warning and without anyone's knowledge is the...